04 February, 2010

You Write the Song

Today is your turn to come up with perfect song title to go on this album. Feel free to post as many as you like, but keep them civil and clean.


Your Brother John said...

My Jesus, you make my eyeliner run.

Jim Pemberton said...

Sometimes excerpts from the lyrics help:

Blind Faith

"I don't need to know why I believe;
All I need is Jesus my heart to receive;
I have Blind Faith... yeah! ..."

I'm not Called

"Some are called to missions,
Some are called to pray,
Some are called to give,
But I am called to play.

So I thank God I'm not called
To do anything but play;
I'm not called to go,
I'm just called to stay;
Playing my guitar,
Every Sunday,
So I think God I'm not called,
That's just my way."

God Just Wants Me to be Happy

"All my wife does is complain,
She doesn't love me anymore,
But there's someone else I met,
In the Christian bookstore.
She loves me so much,
This angel from heaven,
My wife doesn't care,
She's only number seven.

But I know that God just wants me
He just wants me to be happy..."

Denita said...

"I've Gone Beyond Eisegesis And Into Emogesis"

"My Hermeneutics Isn't Bad, It's Just That No-one Understands Me"

"Joel Olsteen Is A Bully And Made Me Cry"

Aaron Marsceau said...

Oh, I Feel So Very Different, Though I Look Like All the Rest

Pastel Christianity In a Bold, Bold World

Aaron Marsceau said...

I'll Do What You Say, Lord, If I Can Grow a Fu-Man-Chu.

Preserve Me, Lord; My Germ-X Is Almost Gone.

I'll Serve Anywhere You Want, As Long As It's Aruba.

Kenneth said...

I'm imagining a kind of emo ballad, with the title

"A preacher from Seattle crushed my Beetle with his Jeep"

BrettR said...

"Does This Pew Make My Butt Look Big"

jlosinski said...

"ELCA Presents: Power Ballads"

ericp said...

"Why didn't you buy me a Mercedes benz?"

Cole Li said...

"I'm allergic to those flowers!"

Al said...

"ANGST ‘N ARGYLE: Confessions Of A Long Time Bed Wetter.”

al sends

The Scream said...

Caught Between Purity and Porn

Penn Tomassetti said...
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