21 January, 2010

Breaking News: Episcopal Church


Jeff Voegtlin said...

What a scandal!!! How did you get the scoop on this information?

Stephen said...

Hi Folks,
Mildly amusing but tominthebox seems to have lost some of its wit compared to a while back. Don't mean to criticise just an observation.
Best wishes Stephen

Team Tominthebox News Network said...

Hey Stephen,

Yeah, I guess you're right. We have lost some wit compared to a while back. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that the writer is consumed with living in a foreign country, learning a foreign language, daily ministry, administrative responsibilities for a mission agency, helping care for a special needs child, and personal health problems. But I'll try harder. =) I suppose I need to give people their money's worth. Oh yeah, I forgot. This site is free.

All the best,

Jim Pemberton said...

That's disgusting! How could his mothers and her fathers let this happen? Next thing you know they'll become Baptists.

I Christian Eye said...

double zinger!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the episcopalists and stephen just got told!
Mr In the Box, you are doing a fine job.
But you should really check out stephens blog. It is HILARIOUS! oh wait, he doesnt have one.

I kid, i kid. Its all in fun.

Darrin said...

I think this was actually only the churches that separated from the denomination and are now under the African Anglicans.
And Tom, please, no pitiful excuses. Comedy first.

A said...

They may be a little shorter, but they haven't lost their edge. The New Perspective on Paul and Covenant Thighs were classic tominthebox. Thanks!

(From someone also living in a foreign, closed, country and learning a difficult pictographic language. Keep on pluggin'!")

Jim Pemberton said...

A and Tom,
Thanks for your service! His word does not return void in any language, so learn it well. May you see our Lord's hand in your work and continue to be encouraged.

Committed Christian said...

That will be the day!