20 June, 2009

Entire Basketball Team Voted "Most Humble"

Lancaster, PA -- The Calvary Saintly Scholars, a private Christian high school in Lancaster, PA, recently held their sports banquet to honor those students who excelled in athletics during the past year.

Top individual honors went to Eric Jubans, the senior wide receiver who has committed to LSU for his freshman year of college, who was recognized as the football team's MVP. Jubans scored a school record 22 touchdowns during his senior year and a whopping 59 touchdowns during his five years at Calvary, also a school record.

Other notable awards during the evening were received by Trisha Mildridge, for her top district performances in the 100 meter hurdles and the final leg of the 1500 meter relay and Sven Loudskridgt for his unique techniques in the shot put and javelin that earned him all-state honors.

Amidst the individual recognition, the bulk of the evening was devoted to the basketball team. A most curious award was presented to the entire men's basketball team, and received on their behalf by coach Jasper Clement.

The award? ..."Most Humble"

In a PowerPoint presentation of the team statistics provided by Coach Clement, the first slide highlighted playing time. All 14 team members recorded staggeringly similar playing times, ranging from 11:23 per game to 11:26 per game over the entire season. The title of the first slide was "We All Work Equally Hard." As Coach Clement read the slide, the banquet crowd erupted with applause and continued with a full 1-minute standing ovation for the way the coach had allowed all players to play every game.

The second PowerPoint slide stressed the importance of "Ball Time." Ball Time summarized the amount of time that a particular player had possession of the ball, whether holding or bouncing. The Ball Time per game varied a little more, but was still amazingly close, ranging from 1:10 to 1:40 per game for the entire group of 14 players. The banquet crowd once again stood and applauded the effort of the coach and the team.

The third and final slide demonstrated exactly why the entire team had received the Most Humble award for the 2008-2009 season. The title of the slide was "Scoring." The names of all 14 players were listed on the slide in alphabetical order. Beside each name appeared the phrase: "Points Scored: Zero"

During the full season, despite the approximately equal play time and the well-distributed ball time, not a single person on the team ever scored a single point. In fact, Coach Clement was proud to say, "Not a single player ever became arrogant enough to attempt a shot." At this point the crowd once again erupted in applause, but this time for a full 2 minute standing ovation.

Even near the end of the game, when free throws were mandatory after fouls, all Calvary Saintly Scholars humbly passed the ball to an opposing player rather than attempting to shoot.

Coach Clement concluded, "I am so proud of our team for their teamwork. I am so proud of their continuous consideration of others and willingness to pass the ball. I am not concerned that we did not win any games, because we do not want to create arrogant winners. I'm proud of these guys for coming out each and every game with a humble spirit and eagerness to pass the ball. On behalf of the team, I am proud to receive this Most Humble award."