02 June, 2009

Dysfunctional Church Agrees on Ushers Wearing Suit Coats

MACON, GA - The First Baptist Church of Macon has a long history of being dysfunctional. In the church's 177 year history, there have been 27 church splits, 98 pastors (83 of whom were fired or resigned), and 7 discontinued building projects. Throughout the city of Macon, FBC-Macon has a reputation as a place of strife and discord.

The deacon board of FBC wanted to do something to change this (the church is currently without a pastor, having forced the latest pastor to resign in February when word was leaked that he is not an Atlanta Braves fan). The board, therefore, held a meeting of all 66 active deacons on May 25th. The goal was to come together as a church in a tangible way to show the church family and community that FBC-Macon is not, in fact, dysfunctional.

For the first hour or so, several of the deacons suggested that the church reach out to Macon in a meaningful way. Unfortunately, the board could not agree on what to do or how to do it. For the second hour, the board attempted to come up with some way to help folks within the church. No agreement could be found. During the third hour of the board meeting, the 66 men tried to come together on some way to refurbish the church buildings. No agreement came - just frustration and a little yelling.

Finally, after much work and discussion, all 66 men found something they could agree upon. This will be a sign to the church and community beyond that FBC-Macon is a united church. The deacons agreed that all ushers must wear suit coats during the morning worship services. During the evening services, either a suit coat OR a tie is required, but not both.

FBC Deacon Chairman Phil Simmons said of the outcome, "We are thrilled about this decision. We are certain that it will help us fulfill the Great Commission!"

There was much rejoicing.

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Darrin said...

Great news there, Eric. Certainly usher dress code is way above petty issues like theology, biblical conduct and principles, etc.

Kind of makes one think of the phrase "empty suits".