02 May, 2009

Smith Family Plans Funeral and BBQ Reunion

Van Cleave, AL -- In lieu of flowers, the family of William Smith is asking that friends and loved ones send donations to the Baby Back Rib Palace in Van Cleave, Alabama.

Mr. Smith was one week shy of his 100th birthday, when he died early Saturday morning at his home. A previously scheduled family reunion to celebrate his 100th birthday will still take place on Saturday, May 9th at the park within Pine Gardens Memorial Resting Field after the internment.

Gift certificates for the Baby Back Rib Palace can be purchased in $10, $25, $50, and $100 denominations. Order online at www.bbribspalacevancleave.com or call 555-0713. A list of donors will be provided to the family.

1 comment:

fresnel said...

This is SUCH a great idea!! I mean Grampa's dead and gone; can't do anything 'bout that, but still there's still us living and needing to remember the departed loved one and to celebrate our being not dead an' all like them. To get people who are all broken up about Grampa being put under to do something really positive like this is SOOO great! I'm thinking, Since I was touched by this here story, that they can help fund me getting ribs for a long time to come too, and I'll be thinking 'bout Grampa with every bite full; that's a f'r certain.

Come to that, I'm thinking that as long as we're all bereving an' all 'bout Grampa, the relatives could kind of branch out a bit an' buy gift certificates for me for Six Flags 'cause I'll be thinkin' 'bout Grampa up there on the Tornado ride, too.

It brings me to mind of a fancy pick up I was following yesterday that said "In memory of..." uh, somebody or other. Looks like the somebody left some money that got used buying that sweet ride an' the lucky dog just wanted everyone to know 'bout it with that fancy window lettering. I dunno 'bout doing something like that myself. I'd feel like I was hauling a tombstone around everywhere, but it's a way to keep folks thinking about the departed I guess, so why not?

Anyway, all this mourning and pondering has put me to thinking 'bout a couple of relatives I have who are doing poorly of late and should one of them expire, well, you can make a few thoughtful donations aimed my way to help commemorate our shared loss:

Six Flags
Black Angus
Bahamas Cruise (see me about which ship I prefer to mourn on)
2009 Avalanche Pick-up (XLT trim package, please)
Flight See the Grand Canyon
Misc. mourning expenses in Europe and/or Australia