05 May, 2009

Sermons on Wordle

(Click directly on the picture to enlarge the sermon text.)

Arminian Church Sermon
Wordle: Arminian Church Sermon

Catholic Church Sermon
Wordle: Catholic Sermon

Charismatic Church Sermon
Wordle: Charismatic Sermon

Health-Wealth Church Sermon
Wordle: Health-Wealth Church Sermon

KJV-Only Church Sermon
Wordle: Ultra-conservative sermon

Liberal Church Sermon
Wordle: Liberal Church Sermon Text

Mormon Church Sermon
Wordle: Mormon Sermon

Southern Baptist Church Sermon
Wordle: Southern Baptist Church Sermon

Youth Group Sermon
Wordle: Youth Sermon

In case you were wondering: Tom in the Box on Wordle
Wordle: TBNN


David Kjos said...

I kind of like that Southern Baptist one.

Committed Christian said...

The Southern Baptist one sure got me laughing!

Angela said...
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Angela said...

I like the KJV only one.


Darrin said...

I was relieved that Jesus made it in just before the Ham. Close!

AspiringTheologian said...
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AspiringTheologian said...

You forgot: Presbyterian Sermon