30 May, 2009

The Posse of San Diego Not Required to Pay for Permit

San Diego, California – The Posse of San Diego, a community of thinkers in the city of San Diego, is considered by many to be an emerging church. But with the recent inquisition into the definition of a religious assembly with respect to a nearby home Bible Study, some members of The Posse of San Diego questioned if a Religious Assembly Permit should be required for their own activities.

The Posse of San Diego, a cohort without hierarchy, allows membership to anyone who attests to the phrase: “Jesus is”. The statement may be made verbally, electronically, in writing, or in deep thought. The “deep thought” acknowledgement may be made through a raised hand, pointed finger, or gentle nodding of the head. At a gathering of the Posse on Thursday night, one member asked those present the same questions reportedly asked of the nearby Bible Study participants:

Do you regularly meet?
Do you say “amen”?
Do you pray?
Do you say “praise the Lord”?

“We agreed unanimously that the answers to these four questions were undeniably ‘No!’” said the unidentified member. “We appealed Friday morning to San Diego officials to continue to assemble without permit after our current Religious Assembly Permit expires in July. Local San Diego officials said they had no problem allowing us to meet without permit since we were able to answer ‘No!’ to the four questions. This is great news, saving The Posse an estimated $3,250 per year.”


Darrin said...

This is good, brother, and the news article is quite amazing. So it's hard to even think of a comment.

St.Lee said...

Well, at least all of the liberal wings of the mainline denominations are safe, judging by what their answer would be to the last 3 questions.

Tom said...

Does saying "Holy Cow" count as a religious meeting saying? Or how about "Jesus Christ" when one hits their thumb with a hammer?