28 February, 2009

Advertisement: Unsaved On Board Signs

Some of you may remember the old "Baby On Board" signs from the late 1980s and early 1990s. Those bright yellow "Baby on Board" signs used to alert other motorists to drive safely because a small child is on board.

Well, what can you do when all those babies are all grown up? They are no longer babies, so you can no longer use those old signs. That's obvious. What if you are not a baby, but you'd like others to be careful around you?

Regardless of who you are, have you ever thought about this from an eternal perspective? The threat of danger for an unsaved teenager, young adult, or even an older person is more serious now than it ever was when he or she was a baby. Don't you want other motorists to drive at least as safely for your unsaved loved one as they did for your baby?

The folks at Safety First have worked with Lifeway to develop an onboard sign to eliminate exactly those fears. It's the new Unsaved On Board warning sign for your car window.

When your teenager or adult child asks to borrow the car, don't cringe. Just say "Yes." But as you say "Yes," and hand them the keys also hand them the "Unsaved On Board" warning sign for protection.

Sandy Watson, Vice President of Public Relations for Safety First believes the Unsaved On Board signs can simultaneously be used as a safety precaution and a witnessing tool. "It's a constant reminder for those unsaved young drivers that they are lost. It can also be placed next to a young child once they reach the age of accountability." Note: see denominational leaders for the proper age of accountability for your denomination.

Krissy Wilkens, 14, was saved shortly after her mother, Jessica, began placing the sign on the window next to her seat in the minivan. "It was like I couldn't like think of anything else as she drove me to school or whatever that first week," said Krissy. Krissy was baptized exactly one month from the day her mother began using the sign.

Ms. Wilma Martingale, 72, bought two for herself. "I've been faithfully attending church for 40 years now and am hoping the Lord will save me one day. I can't count the number of times I thought I trusted the Lord, but then doubted the moment of my salvation on the ride home. So, until the Lord saves me for certain, I want other drivers on the road to be extra careful."

So get your Unsaved On Board sign today. Affixes to the inside of your car window with an easy on/off suction cup. Patented by Safety First. Measures 7" x 5". Sold in packs of two. $5.95 retail in most Lifeway stores.


fresnel said...

Wow. I really like this! What a fantastic was to avoid nagging while keeping an invisible truth so visibly present. I want to make a few suggestions to add a little punch.

First, I think it would be good to make the product so that you can see the words from both sides. That way, you get to speak the truth to the public and also to the car's occupants. If you make the interior facing side of the sign have reverse lettering, the driver can read it perfectly in the rear view mirror.

Second, if you'll make the interior facing side have a holographic coating, you can make the wording disappear into flickering flames as the angle of view changes.

I think this would be a really effective thing to do for a mini-version of the sign that can be hung from the rear view mirror. As it twirls, you get this really powerful statement and flickering flames.

Finally, you know those greeting cards that open and play a song or whatever? I think it should be affordable to add a little motion activated chip to the sign. Every time you hit a bump, the sign hanging from the rear view mirror could scream. They can probably program it to scream in agony, whimper, you know, have a variety so that you never know what a bump will bring.

What a witnessing tool for using on hitch hikers. What a conversation starter. You've got the message, the flames, the screams...Awesome!

Jeff said...

It should be enough to have signs that say "ELECT" or "NON-ELECT" on Board...

Of course that would cut into the profit margin at Lifeway and we wouldn't want theology to get in the way of a profit margin...

So I propose we also have a new line of signs for the Agnostic, Unsure, Formerly Saved, and of course the "Not Yet Accountable" on Board...

Michael said...

What about:

"Don't worry! in case of rapture this car will be manned."