29 January, 2009

Where I've Been

Some of you may be wondering if I'm ever going to show my face around here again. So to perhaps answer some of the burning questions that have no doubt kept many of you up at night over the past few months I'd like to tell you about a major undertaking that I'm currently heavily involved with.

I've never tried to abuse the great fame and fortune that comes with writing a mildly popular theological satire blog, but today I'd like to be bluntly honest with you the faithful (and not so faithful) readers of TBNN. As many of you know my family and I currently serve as missionaries in Russia. For the last 1 1/2 years now we've been living in St. Petersburg, learning language and have been working to support indigenous church-planting movements throughout Russia. One of these projects is the Tuvan Bible Distribution Project.

The Tuvan Republic is a small region of Russia where about 305,510 people live. About 65% percent of these people are native Tuvans, meaning they don't look like or talk like Vladimir Putin. While many Tuvans can speak Russian fairly well, their native tongue is Tuvan, a totally different language. The Tuvans have no Bible in their own language, but we are hoping that is about to change soon.

The Institute for Bible Translation in Moscow, Russia has been working on a full translation of the Bible into Tuvan. It is due to be printed and released for sale next summer. InterAct Ministries, the organization with which we serve, is working on a project to put a Bible into every Tuvan-speaking household in the region, roughly 40,000 copies of Scripture. I am one of the coordinators of this project, and one of my goals is to raise about $600,000. No small task during these days, but no large task for God.

What am I asking of you? Like I said, I'm going to be bold. I'm asking you to help if you can, financially and prayerfully. I'm also asking you to pass along the word to others. I'm asking any and all of you who have ever read this blog and gotten a good chuckle (or even a smirk) to help give a copy of Scripture to a family that has never had nor seen one before. I am not benefiting financially from this in any way.

I'm also calling upon all of you, especially you uber-bloggers out there, to pass along the word of this project to your audiences. Phil Johnson, I know you occasionally stop by. Dr. James White, I know you read here too as well Todd Friel and the Wretched Radio crew. This wee blog here reaches 300 people on a good day (Phil I think your hits pass that mark every 20 minutes or so). One simple post or mention by you could potentially reach tens of thousands of people in one day.

So please go to www.biblesfortuva.com and read more about the project. There is also a link there to donate. For all of you readers out there, please take a moment and link your blog to the above website, even feature it on your post today, possibly even mention it on your radio program if you have one. =)

Again the address is www.biblesfortuva.com



Joe Blackmon said...

I actually created a link to this post and in that post linked to the other website on my blog. My link to this post is not showing up here. What up wid dat?

Anyway, blessings brother. I hope all 3 people that read my blog respond.

Richard said...

I've been saying for a while that you need to put these articles into a book.

I'd order one in a heartbeat.