31 January, 2009

NFL Superbowl Policy Not Good News For Budweiser Baptist Church

Atlanta, GA -- For the first time in Superbowl history, partiers no longer need to visit a sports bar to legally watch the superbowl in a group setting on a large screen. In February of 2008, the NFL Commissioner announced that, beginning with Superbowl XLIII, the league will not sue churches who broadcast the Superbowl on screens larger than 55 inches.

The new ruling is not good news for Budweiser Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. BBC was established in November of 2005, with the soul purpose of creating a church which legally abided by the previous NFL policy. The old policy only allowed organizations (especially sports bars and restaurants) which broadcast games as a normal part of their business, to continue to do so Superbowl Sunday. "Budweiser Baptist was formed to make NFL and other sports games viewing a normal part of our services," said pastor Victor Michaels. "With the new NFL ruling, we are concerned that we've lost our competitive advantage for Superbowl 43."

"I'm proceeding as normal," said Burris Plaxsy, Audio-Visual Minister. "We may see some drop-off in attendance with the now-legal viewing competition from the nearby Baptist churches. But I'm confident that our permit to sell alcohol will make the difference.

A. J. Simpson, pastor of Millerville Baptist, disagrees. "Serving alcohol does not give Budweiser Baptist a clear advantage. We will have 3 viewing rooms. The sanctuary will have the largest screen and permit open audiences, including those who bring their own beer. For those do not feel comfortable having their children in the same service with the adults, the children's church minister will take the toddlers to the fellowship hall for an alcohol-free environment. We'll also have a big screen in the nursery for those with noisy babies."

Whether you are a Cardinal or a Steeler fan, TBNN encourages you and your family to attend the worship service of your choice Sunday evening.


fresnel said...

Oh wowowowowow! This is like so, so, shokadula, ya know? Like... Oh wow, man I'm just freakin' out over this. Like, it's really so? I can, I mean, it's totally awesome. It's like, where is this place!?! I gottagotta KNOW!

fresnel said...

BTW, as a follow up comment, isn't the Super Bowl supposed to be pretty soon? I saw a billboard somewhere recently that mentioned it, so I'm thinking that it's this time of year. Who's playing?

Jeff said...

Budlight Baptist is considering changing its name because soooo many new visitors come in with their KJV ONLY attitudes. They are of course NKJV users and want to be distanced from that other church across town.

Darrin said...

"Millerville Baptist" - theme song: 'When it's time to relax ... One church stands clear, year after year.' Don't know if you guys know the old commercials.

"Worship service of your choice", indeed! We can worship football, er stuff, er fun, er god, yeah God, that's it - however we see fit!

Jim Pemberton said...

I hear they even had a major fundraising drive and bought an ad in the Superbowl. I think they were sued when they tried to use the "King of Beers" slogan though. Did anyone notice the commercial? I mean it was culturally relevant and all. Surely someone saw it?