10 January, 2009

Mote Removal: A How-To-Book

Have you ever attempted to remove a mote from your brother's eye, but it did not go well? Why not try the Biblical prescription? Get your own copy of Mote Removal: A How-To-Book.

Many people do not know that the Bible actually details the instructions for mote removal in Matthew 7:3-5. Mote Removal: A How-To-Book by Dr. William Frotch makes mote removal easy.

Some people realize a Biblical solution exists, but are confused by the mention of "logs" at the end of verse 3, the end of verse 4 and the beginning of verse 5. Dr. William Frotch has spent two years in the mountains of north Georgia carefully extracting these "log" discussions. The log discussions have been placed in two appendices, leaving the flow of the mote removal verses undisturbed. "Because the command to 'see clearly' appears after the command to tell your brother 'let me take the mote out of your eye,' many people give up on mote removal," Dr. Frotch explains.

The book is arranged into four easy to follow chapters...

Chapter 1: Step #1, Notice
Notice that there may be a mote in someone else’s eye as implied in Matthew 7 verse 3a. Keep your eyes and ears open. I usually does not take long to find motes.

Chapter 2: Step #2, Openness
Have the desire to remove the mote as implied in verse 4a.** Take the time to make sure that your truly care. Share your feelings with others who have the opportunity to confirm the existence of the mote.

Chapter 3: Step #3, Speak
Say to your brother, “Let me take the mote out of your eye," as directly commanded in verse 4b. Dr. Frotch explains three methods: in person, email, phone.

Chapter 4: Step #4, Extract
Remove the mote from your brother’s eye as directly commanded in verse 5d. This step may take time. Carefully apply Dr. Frotch's methods.

**Appendix A: If applicable, remove the beam in your own eye (optional command in verse 5b).
**Appendix B: If applicable, see clearly (optional command in verse 5c).

"The Bible is not to be used as a suggestion manual. The Bible is clear in its prescriptions, but sometimes you have to dig out the noise," explains Dr. Frotch near the beginning of Appendix A.

Mote Removal: A How-To Book... get your copy today.


fresnel said...

Dear Sir,

I read your story with interest but I can see you need to fix two problems you have.

First, your four steps (Notice, Openness, Speak, Extract make the acrostic N.O.S.E. which doesn't really work, does it? You would do better with some word like "Notice" that means notice but starts with an "M". I couldn't think of one, but I'm sure that if you put more thought into your writing, I'm sure you'll come up with the solution. Second, instead of "Speak" you should substitute "Tell". Then your acrostic will be "M.O.T.E." which is the superior memory aide given your subject. You need not reply in thanks; I've accepted them already.

Finally, your picture shows someone's idea of comedy--a Volvo being used to harvest logs. Really now. Volvo makes crummy cars not log harvesters. I spotted your fiction at once.

jj said...

How's this for an acrostic: MOTE?

1. M-ention he has a mote (hypocritically of course).
2. O-pen his eye to remove it (even against his wishes).
3. T-ell him to hold still (or you'll never get it out).
4. E-xtract it (even if it's unpleasant to do so).

there you go - MOTE.

Darrin said...

Another good M is Meander over to a brother/sister and check their eyes. (Or even Mosey-on-over.)

Mike Leake said...

I have no idea why my blog continues to be linked here....sorry if it's causing any confusion...it's happening at Team Pyro too....sorry.

Mike from Borrowed Light