05 November, 2008

I Pledge Allegiance

Given the election, I guess I am reminded of the term "allegiance" this early morning. I have grown up knowing three "Pledge of Allegiances" (or probably it's Pledges of Allegiance?? ::yawn... stretch... shiver::).

In Vacation Bible School, we would pledge allegiance to (1) the Flag of the United States of America, (2) the Christian Flag, (3) and the Bible. My kids are still freely permitted to recite these today in our church's school.

Regardless of what the future holds with respect to our ability to freely speak our beliefs, there is another pledge of allegiance that hangs on my bedroom wall that I walk by every day. It is one of my most valued earthly possessions. I felt like sharing this morning. I hope you enjoy.

I pledge allegiance to my husband, my leader;
My companion, my lover, my friend.
I will do my best to be the kind of wife I believe
God wants me to be.
To be loving and generous in my affection to him.
To be faithful in what I do and think.
To be respectful and supportive in all of his work,
Duties and his high calling of leading me and being
The father of our children. To be helpful in making
Our home a loving, happy home committed to each
Other and to God.
To: My Loving Husband [Dr. Brother Slawson]
From: Your Devoted Wife [Mrs. Dr. Brother Slawson]
October 31, 2000

I thank God for all the P31 women of this world [but especially my P31 woman :)]. I believe they (or the lack of them) are and have been the most important instruments of change. I pray for positive change.


fresnel said...

This is a great pledge! Um, why Halloween?
Go Mrs. Dr. Brother Slawson!

Brother Slawson said...

lol... It was not "Halloween" it was "Reformation Day"! (and it also happened to be my birthday). It was a great birthday present.

Chris said...

Ladies, had it ever occurred to you that Christ performed Proverbs 31 for you? Not as a woman, but as your substitute?