15 November, 2008

From The Makers of UNO: I Prayed About It Cards

Have you ever been in the middle of a card game and found yourself 1 card short? Need a blue 2? A queen of hearts? A four of any suit? A wild draw 4? A Rook? Ever been told “go fish”? Ever draw the old maid?

Well, whatever your card game, if you are a Christian you are qualified to use the new I Prayed About It Cards from the makers of UNO.

I Prayed About It Cards are for use with any card game. It’s simple! At any time, in any place, during a card game of any kind, simply play an I Prayed About It Card while telling the other participants the current thoughts running through your mind.

You are a Christian, right? Well, if you are a true Christian who is currently prayed up and in the spirit, then your thoughts are coming directly from the Lord. You should feel confident to share your God-revealed thoughts with others, especially if your thoughts involve the actions or commitments of others. It’s really your duty to tell them. But rather than just using the phrase, “I prayed about it,” build your confidence by simultaneously playing an I Prayed About It Card.

In a game of Spades, for example, if you really feel like you should be playing the ace of spades, but you don’t have the actual ace of spades that came with the card deck, it’s okay. Relax. Dwell for a few minutes in the thought of what you’d like to do. Dwell on the goodness of winning the game. If this seems right to you, reach into your shirt pocket and play the I Prayed About It Card. Just say, “I prayed about it, and I’m playing this card as the ace of spades” as you play your I Prayed About It Card.

By playing an I Prayed About It Card, you have the power to ignore any rule or rules of the regular game. In fact, no one else should disrespectfully speak in dissent of your revelation. No one else should even be allowed to ask questions. Just make sure that you are fully prayed up and in the Spirit before you play the card. Remember, when you play an I Prayed About It Card, remain confident and never question yourself that your thoughts are truly direct messages and interpretations of life choices from the Lord.

Note: The cards have also been used outside of card games. For example, the cards can also be used in church meetings, especially if the answer to prayer involves the efforts and energies of others.

Have a direct message for your pastor? Walk up to him, hand him a card, and say “I prayed about it and I believe we should start [insert name of new program or ministry that has been directly revealed to you].”

So, don't forget yourself this Christmas. Place a little something in your own stocking. Get your very own I Prayed About It Cards, from the makers of UNO. Available soon in stores everywhere.


Clay said...

Do they work on exams? If so, I'll be submitting my order today!

Kono said...

It's funny how many times I have had this card played against me when talking about the Doctrines of Grace, but this is the first time I have seen the card.

FrodoSaves said...

Awesome! I prayed about these cards!

fresnel said...

This is so amazing! Not only do a lot of my friends have these cards, but I think my cat incarnates a whole deck of them! I always was so puzzled before but now I see I just was playing without a deck.

I'm going out right now and live the IPAIC philosophy. What first? *ponders* Oooooh...! This is going to be fun!

Lightwalker said...

Is there a "I pray AND fasted" super trump card or are they waiting with that for the second edition so they can make more money off of me?

Isaiah said...

I'm combining this deck of cards with my "name it, envision it, claim it" glasses to up my chances!

fresnel said...

Help me help me help me!

Something terrible has happened. I was so excited about the cards that I got two decks, okay? And then I was so happy that I gave one of them to my, um, special person and they were really happy too when I explained all about them and then that person asked me to do the dishes tonight and I played my card to say no and then they PLAYED THEIR CARD ON TOP OF MINE! And I said, "Hey, you can't do that!" and then they played ANOTHER CARD AGAIN. and I said, "Hey, I gave you those cards. You can't use them on me!" and they PUT DOWN ANOTHER CARD. and now I'm like really stuck because this person is like totally not doing what I want them to and is, like, wanting me to do things for them instead, and I don't think that's fair!

Well, pretty soon I started to put down my cards on top of that person's and they just put down another one on top of mine and back and forth it went until there were no more cards and then, and then this very unreasonable person said, "For my last card, I choose to no longer need to use cards whenever I want my way." Well, that was just totally unexpected, you know? So what am I supposed to do now?

Jonathan said...


One of the best posts of the year.

Absolutely Brilliant! (and I didn't even pray about it!)


Lance said...

I'm holding off on buying a deck, at least until the companion product - the "I have Peace About It" card set - comes along. Praying about stuff AND having peace about the same stuff is vital for any Christian!

Darrin said...

Clever, brother Slawson.
Lance, that's just about what I was thinking: "The Lord gave me peace about it" is sufficient to justify almost any unbiblical, unwise behavior. After all, it's between me and God!
As an aside - kind of corny, kind of sad, but at least not as long as fresnel's :) - heard once about a woman who made a hasty choice resulting in hurt to others, using the "I have a peace" bit. One of those affected responded, "Great - she's got peace, and we're left with the pieces."

fresnel said...

Ack! Another unexpected problem!! I was at this really long left turn red light yesterday, you know? I was just waiting and waiting and the light wasn't changing and the cars coming were like waaaay up ahead and weren't going to get to me for a long time.

Then I thought of my "The Lord Gave Me Peace About It" prayercards! I'd already used my whole pack with my unreasonable unnamed person I already told you about but I thought, 'I bet there's still some life in these cards' so I slipped out the top card and rolled down my window and held it way up high where the other cars could see especially the police car next to mine because I wanted him especially to see what it was and I even gave him a little toot and then I just slid right through that great big empty intersection as placidly as you please.

Well, you won't believe what happened next.

Some people have absolutely no respect for prayer or the Lord! That very unreasonable police man came after me with his big scary red lights on so I pulled out a fresh card and held it up with the first one and then, and then he made his siren thing start going really loud so I got out a THIRD card and held it up with the other ones but my hand started getting cold and I got scared so I pulled over and jumped out with my pack of only used once cards and the next thing I knew, I was lying down on the dirty street and not getting to explain everything the way I planned and now I'm in this really confining place with unfriendly people who don't know anything about my prayer cards and I suspect they would not respect them anyway -- like they should.


Darrin said...

fresnel, what a riot.
Hey, I was also thinking that using the :) has some similarity to the "prayed about it" card, but without the guilt of not having even uttered a token prayer. You can make any obnoxious or rude statement in a blog or email (like I occasionally do), and just follow it with :) - and that means you're happy, it's all good, and everybody should be happy too!

Jim Pemberton said...

fresnel, great companion piece! In that spirit I loved Isaiah's idea:

"I'm combining this deck of cards with my "name it, envision it, claim it" glasses to up my chances!"

I wondered if that combination would work in the Las Vegas casinos until I read fresnel's account.

Lee Shelton IV said...

I'm praying for these for Christmas.