25 October, 2008

John "Rudolph" Piper Encourages Us To Lead the Lord's Sleigh This Christmas

Minneapolis, MN -- Equipped with only a red ball for a nose and his fingers for antlers, John “Rudolph” Piper recently previewed this year’s Christmas theme for Bethlehem Baptist Church: “Don’t Waste Your Flight.” In the announcement, Piper outlines three reasons that our flight should be a type of Rudolph flight.

What “Rudolph” Attitude Should We Take As We Fly Through Life?

1. Our love for the Lord Jesus needs to be plain and visible for all to see as we soar through this world. My first prayer for you is that you will all be more like Rudolph. Get out front! Ask to be out front! Put a big bright red light on that beautiful glorious unique nose that belongs just to you on your very face and take it… take it with you… let it shine… let it shine for all to see. Let all the misfits know that Jesus is coming again. Let all the misfits know that He is Lord.

2. Oh, how our love for the Lord Jesus needs to shine through the foggy nights. Through the years, you will face more and more foggy nights. At least you will feel that they are foggy. You must shine! DO NOT COVER YOUR NOSE! DO NOT waste your flight. Let everyone see it! Don’t just take the stance that you will not cover up your nose… take the stance that you will show it off!

3. Our love for the Lord Jesus must extend even to those who would seem abominable. There are many out there who would seem abominable. But they are not that scary once you pull their teeth out. I’d even say that we don’t really need to pull the teeth out of the abominable ones. Most of the abominable are really toothless anyway. They have no bite to begin with.

So let the glory of Christ shine through you, and thousands will see and put their trust in the Lord. Live your life as if you are soaring through the foggy nights, unafraid, unwasted, gladly displaying the glory of Christ.


CristyLynn said...

Well, he's getting a head start for the Christmas season, eh?
I especially like his ideas about the abominable ones--they're really just soft and cuddly and offering snow cones, right? What's to fear?
Very funny, bro. :)

Darrin said...

Very funny words. Good that those who appreciate pastor Piper can still get a kick out of this.
Kind of looks like a rose on his nose to me. And like you slid his arms down. Great antlers, though.
I hope all of the other evangelists let him join in any reindeer games.

Brother Slawson said...

I don't know about "early" Cristy. We celebrate Christmas in December here in the States... and Lowes has had trees out for well over a month. :)

Darrin... it's funny... I only had to put a red nose on the pic. Nothing else was altered! The nose was cut off of a real Rudolph pic. Also... Piper is my favorite living pastor for sure.