13 September, 2008

Pray Hands-Free Without Ceasing

Tired of people staring as you walk through stores praying aloud?

Does the constant movement of your mouth while supplicating during rush-hour traffic cause you to be the recipient of funny looks or strange gestures?

You may be able to solve these problems associated with constant-prayer for as little as $2.49, depending on earsize.*

It's the amazing new hands-free Pray Without Ceasing Earpiece.

Over 400,000 have already been sold across the United States. You have probably unwittingly seen our customers in airports, on the road, in malls, or even in theaters.** But, you may not have realized that the users were praying because you assumed they were talking on a hands free phone.

Never be embarrassed for constantly praying again. Order your Pray Without Ceasing Earpiece today!

Ever been in a tight situation, but didn't have time to stop, fold your hands, and kneel? Don't worry, with the hands-free Pray Without Ceasing Earpiece, you can tell those around you "just a second" and walk out of the room or outside and start praying immediately.

The Pray Without Ceasing Earpiece fits comfortably over your ear, much like many of the namebrand Bluetooth single-ear headsets.

Martha Jefferson, a Pray Without Ceasing Earpiece customer in Pennsylvania, was pulled over by a state trooper and almost ticketed for cell phone usage while driving. "It looks so real! It took me a few minutes before convincing the officer that I was praying and not talking on the cell phone. After I admitted that I was talking to God, he let me go with a warning. I'm never leaving home without my Pray Without Ceasing Earpiece."

Call 1800.555.PRAY now and receive a 30-day free trial with no obligation.

*Plus $13.95 s&h
**Not recommended for quiet restrooms


Cammra_girl said...

Very ingenius, but they may need a more advanced product for those of us who have already mastered the art of SILENT prayer. ;)

I LOVE YOUR SITE, by the way.

Simple Shepherd said...

Pair this with some kind of Blackberry type product and I won't need to be ashamed of praying at restaurants. Everyone will simply think I have a conference call.

Jeff said...

"Ever been in a tight situation, but didn't have time to stop, fold your hands, and kneel?"

Isn't that redundant?

Jim Pemberton said...

I can think of the perfect prank to play on a user of this decoy: Put an actual transceiver in the thing and when you see the person start to pray, start talking to him through it. When he freaks out, you could say something like, "What? You weren't expecting a response?"