19 September, 2008

"Jesus" Returns as Lightning

Park City, Alabama
Amateur photographer Malcolm Fhorbes believes he has captured a truly supernatural appearance of Jesus Christ. This photo, taken on the shore overlooking Daphne’s Bayfront Park was snapped at just the right moment. “I was reading Luke’s Gospel in chapter 17 just a few seconds before I took this picture,” says Fhorbes. Even through the lens I could see the resemblance to our Lord. Combine that with the fact I was reading in the Bible about lightning, and well, there you are.”

The remarkable photograph appears to be in the form of a man walking on water. “I only wish he had framed up enough to capture the face!” sighed Malcomb’s pastor, Rita Preston of 1st Unity Church of Park City. “I just know it would have been the sweetest, most accepting and loving, lightning sort of face.”

“Since when did Jesus become bow-legged?” snorted detractor Harold Wallace, a local Park City barber. “Next you know, we’ll be havin’ all the weirdoes comin’ down yeaha lining the beach for another glimpse. We get lightning yeaha right reg’lar. No tellin’ wha folks ah be a tellin’ themselves they been seein’ out thar.”

Malcolm believes otherwise. “This was a divine appearance. I saw it with my own eyes; I know this is real.”


MarieP said...

Church history scholars have recently translated another of Origen's dissertations. The allegorist apparently contends that Jesus' words "I am the light of the world" in John 8:12 have the hidden meaning of lightning bolts.

Interest was peaked in translating this portion of Origen when a newly discovered parchment from Martin Luther cited him. The reformer wrote, "Origen condemns himself a rank Papist when he declares that Christ is of the same substance as lightning. It is my earnest contention that the Savior is merely in, around, and under the lightning."

Modern reformer Tom Ascol must agree that Jesus surely was with him in the storm during which he was struck by lightning, but he contends it is the spiritual presence of the Lord that was so tangible on that dark, stormy night.

Matt said...

You need to work on your Southern accent. ;-)

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2 Pt 3:3

fresnel said...

Ah say, matt, suh, ah ayam trahyan to be gentulminly 'bout thes yeahuh communt y'all maid 'bout mah "Southern accent". All have you know suh, that they is no accent any wheahuh down yheah. It's up Noreth that they's accints aplenty. An' may ah also say suh, that yo spellin's attrochus.

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