12 August, 2008

Tyndale Switches to the “Two Lifetimes Bible”

In light of the recent failure of The One Week Bible, Tyndale House Publishers has decided to take on another project that it hopes will be much more successful. Tyndale Vice President of marketing Roger Schultz told TBNN, “After thinking this over for a few days, we now realize that we set the bar far too high. We made the mistake of expecting American Christians to actually read. Sadly, we are now willing to admit that most followers of Christ simply don’t read – and that includes the bible. Since we are a publishing house, we have to put forth books, but we can also lower our expectations. This is what we have done in our planned Two Lifetimes Bible.”

Tyndale’s new plan is to challenge readers to take two lifetimes to read through the bible one time. This takes the pressure off. For example, if someone buys the bible but then forgets to read any of it for a few months or years, it doesn’t really matter. After all, they have another full lifetime to get through it.

Jeremy Sanders, a member of Campus Crusade for Christ at the University of Texas, said, “I have to be honest. I was scared-off by Tyndale’s One Week Bible. A few guys on campus were going to try it, but I thought, ‘No way.’ That was way more than I could deal with. But then when I heard about the Two Lifetimes Bible I figured I could handle that."

As part of Tyndale’s new format, the bible will be both large in size and font. The reason for this is that it makes the reader feel like he has read a lot even if he just glances over a few verses. Also, having a really big bible around the house helps reduce a person’s guilt for not actually reading it.

Brooke Reese, layout editor at Tyndale, told TBNN, “Part of the purpose of this bible is to take away guilt. God didn’t intend for us to feel guilty – He wants us to be happy. This bible will help with that. You can just read a verse or two per week and you’ll feel great. And even if you never make it through, it’s O.K. You’ve always got that second lifetime to make up for it.”

Tyndale expects to release this new bible just before spring break 2009. According to V.P. Schultz, “We figure that more than a few Christian college students will like to purchase this bible just before they travel to places like Daytona or Miami to act like pagans for a week. Just knowing that this bible is waiting for them back home will soothe their consciences. Once home, they can read a verse or two and feel all better again. I think we’re going to have some really big sales. We hope this will cover our losses from the One Week Bible.”

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Darrin said...

That's more like it. I fell asleep during my Day 1 reading with the other bible, and then realized it just isn't practical to try and read large amounts of scripture. Doctrine is important for some people, but I think we all basically know what we need to do - be kind to others, etc. As for truth - well, God'll show us all when we get to heaven. Not like He's revealed anything for us here!