23 August, 2008

Thornhill Named Spokeman of Williamsburg Baptist Church

Rockdale, KY -- Lester Thornhill of Williamsburg Baptist Church in Rockdale, Kentucky confirmed to TBNN on Friday that he was named spokesman for Williamsburg in all matters pertaining to “what that church does” and “how that church feels.”

Thornhill, 48, will be the sole spokesman for the church comprising a small group of some 100 men, women, and children, including the pastor, deacons, administration, and committee heads.

“I want people to be informed,” Thornhill said. “I feel this is a call of God on my life.”

Thornhill, a native of Brussells, Kentucky and a former attender of the University of Southwestern Kentucky in 1970, became Williamsburg’s unofficial spokesman after his own self-appointment to this position on Wednesday.

“When I left Williamsburg in June, I decided I would begin sharing all the information God has revealed to me. I have found that I have an amazing knack for understanding what the pastor and deacons and committee heads do. Not only that, but I also have been given the gift of discerning any prideful and selfish motives behind their actions.”

Thornhill plans to be available for public statements at Starbucks each Sunday morning from 9am to noon. He hopes to help those who regularly attend Williamsburg by interpreting all the implications of the current leadership’s opinions free of charge. You can make appointments for private phone sessions at that time.


barrydean said...

This is one of those postings that is both funny and sad. I believe every church has a Lester Thornhill, who is always willing to help folks understand the real motives of church leadership.

Darrin said...

Sometimes I think you guys must live in my town. Amazing how common these issues apparently are all over the place ... I used to be somewhat of an idealist, I guess.

Jeff said...

His brother is a member of our general board. Amazingly, he takes down our posted Board Minutes - translates and clarifies them to the congregation on a regular basis... must be a gift that isn't in my translation of the NLT ;)