24 June, 2008

"Whosoever Conference" Open to All Who Choose to Attend

WILMORE, KY - Asbury Theological Seminary announced last week the that the first annual "Whosoever Conference" will be held on its campus this coming November. This conference, inspired as many others have been by the upcoming John 3:16 Conference, will not focus on all of John 3:16, but instead will simply focus on one word: whosoever.

Dr. Stanley Hicks told TBNN, "We are very excited to take a few days to study this word in depth. We all know that meaning comes from words, so we are happy to look at the meaning of this word. The KJV makes it clear that whosoever will, will in fact be saved."

Dr. Philip Warren indicated that at the conference seven different seminary professors will look, respectively, into the Hebrew meaning of whosoever, the Greek meaning of whosoever, the Latin meaning of whosoever, the King James meaning of whosoever, the historical meaning of whosoever, the contemporary meaning of whosoever, and, most importantly, what John Wesley taught about the meaning of whosoever.

Dr. Elizabeth Hines, director of the Religion Department, said, "In addition to announcing the formation of this conference, we are also happy to tell everyone that it is open to all who choose to come. We would never turn anyone away. After all, we want everyone to come. We have left it entirely up to them, but we sure are hopeful that a lot of people will show up."

She went on to say, "Just as Jesus is knocking at the door of our hearts, we are knocking on the doors of those who might attend. If they come, we will be overjoyed!"


Richard said...

I'm confused, Elder Eric.

See...no one is going to (of their own accord) want to attend this conference unless Asbury works in our hearts to give us this desire.

So....sitting back and hoping for a visitor isn't going to happen.

On that same token, though...why doesn't Asbury work that way on everyone, so "all" can come? I mean, if Asbury has given me the desire to attend but not my neighbor, isn't that unfair?? I thought they wanted "everyone"?? Why don't they just do it, then?

Darrin said...

I heard that the organizers have already purchased tickets for every person in the world, and are just waiting for them to come pick them up!
Have you heard about the new "One syllable conferences"? I think there's, like, four, that may stem off of this one. I may be able to catch the "er" conference, but probably not the earlier ones.

St.Lee said...

Is this to be a 4 point conference where the Certificate of Attendance is awarded at the beginning and cannot be taken away even if the attendee leaves part way through, or a 5 point conference where the Certificate will be taken away if the attendee does not continue till the end with all due dilligence?

Richard said...

St. Lee, that was beautiful.

I'm still laughing.

Jeff said...

The emergents are also having a conference in respopnse to this amazing cultural movement... they will be exegeting "whatever!?!?!"

Jim Pemberton said...

Jeff, I spewed on that one. Hilarious comment!

St.Lee asked the question I was thinking, because I consider that I may not be able to stay for the whole thing. I may be in and out for most of it, but then I have to go to a funeral the last day. Do I still have to pay the whole fee?

pilgrim said...

I'm predestined not to be there.