07 June, 2008

Today, I'm Rededicating My Life to Golf

Today I'm rededicating my life to Golf.


Well, I feel that I need to rededicate my life to Golf because I’ve never really done anything with my original commitment.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m truly a golfer at heart. I know for certain that if I were to die today, I would be remembered as a golfer. There is a certificate that says so hanging over there on the wall.

I made my commitment to golf as a young boy at golf-camp. I signed that certificate and my instructor signed it and wrote the date, July 18 1979. I knew deep down in my heart at that time that I was totally committed to golf.

After that childhood golf-camp, I wandered away from the desire to play golf. I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but since that camp when I was 9 years old, I’ve never actually seemed to be able to find the time to play a game of golf. But today, at age 38, I know my rededication will be real.

Don't get me wrong. My life has not been completely devoid of golf. I have watched some golf on television on occasion. I saw Tiger Woods play a few years back and he was doing quite well. I also remember seeing Arnold Palmer on a tractor commercial or something. I was able to recognize him because we saw pictures of him at my golf-camp.

Anyway, once again, I have decided to make golf my sole purpose for living. As soon as I get a few things straight in my life, I’ll be out there on the golf course every Saturday in no time. I know I can do it.

You know, come to think of it, I have brought out the golf clubs up to twice a year. My father had given me a brand new set of clubs the Christmas before I went to camp as a kid. They were too big for me, but he said I'd grow into them. My father was an avid golfer. He was on the course at least 3 times a week. He often went with Grandpa. My grandfather passed away before I committed my life to golf, but I remember him golfing every Saturday

In any case, I do have a fond memory of that Christmas when my father gave the golf clubs to me. Now, almost every Christmas, I get them out of the garage, polish them some, and try to show them to my kids. They seem to try to act interested, but I'm not so sure they are. I don’t want to push golf on them.

Sometimes I bring out the clubs near the first day of Spring close to Easter. Last year it was Easter day that I took them out in the back yard and hit a few balls with the putter. I spent time polishing the putter then too.

Am I concerned that my children have never seemed to have any desire to dedicate themselves to the game that is so important to me? I am a little, I guess. I’ve never had a chance to play since they were born. But, as I said, they have seen me with the clubs every Christmas and close to Easter. Sometimes I’m saddened to think that they don’t see the need to dedicate themselves as I did.

One of the reasons that I’ve been unable to play gold is because every Saturday Morning and Wednesday afternoon, I go fishing. Over the last year, I only made it out to the lake about 92 times because of sickness and funerals and weddings and stuff.

I know I should be on the golf course, I guess. But it’s often crowded out there. Saturday is the only day I have for just me. I need to get away from the crowds. There can also be a lot of meanness out there on the course. The golf course is filled with hypocrites. Everyone of them golfers is a hypocrite if you think about it. I know they are asking "Can I play through?" with a smile. But, they would be thinking the whole time how much better they are than me.

So today is a big day for me. I’m planning to go down to the Bluewater Country Club and sign up for a 30 day trial membership. I am definitely making this commitment today. Yes, today marks a new day in my life. I am, once again, an avid golfer.

Unfortunately, I won’t have time to stick around and play a game after I join the club. I have got to get a new door handle for my fishing tackle shed. The thing keeps coming loose.


Rhodri Brady said...

Like the analogy.

I've past your test by the way. Around the 11th paragraph down, you've typed gold instead of golf.

I know you were just testing your avid readers, to see if they are careful enough in reading literature which isn't the Bible and instantly accept it as fact.

Good move.

TwistTim said...

New Reader Here, I was wondering about that Typo..... but if it's to keep us on our feet to see if we are really processing everything, then it wasn't a Typo at all, was it?

By the By.... this is a great analogy to use.... better than the youtube video on the Importance of Fishing that's an analogy for Evangelism..... because this one is more in depth.... in fact.... you could add two lines to it....

I know Golf matters, a lot, it does, but I want my friends to discover it for themselves. I never want to actually drag someone into Golf if they might hate it.

Peter Kirk said...

It's a good thing he didn't type "god" instead of "gold" as a typo for "golf". If he had people might have got quite the wrong idea.

wk0o said...

Not to worry... Once a golfer, always a golfer!

Brother Slawson said...

I just back from hiking all day and I can't find the typo... I'll have to double check it lather.

Darrin said...

You mean-spirited Calvinists! (and Peter.) Give the guy a break - 1 typo!

Let's not get caddy ...