04 June, 2008


Just to let you know that unless Elder Eric, Brother Slawson or Dr. Bill have anything to add this week that there probably won't be a post until Saturday. I was asked to preach this Friday night at a special prayer meeting in Russian and that's going to be taking up the majority of my time until then. Please forgive this lull. Again, the archives are always open. Enjoy.



Joe Blackmon said...

I am aghast. I mean, you're going to shirk your responsibility to post satire here in this board to take time to study and preach the word of God. The audacity. The unmitigated gall!!!

Ok, that was a joke. Hope all goes well.

MarieP said...


I pray that God would bless your study and preparation and that you would have a good grasp of the Russian. I'll also pray you don't become a charismatic as a result! ;-)

Jeff said...

HAHAHAHahahahahahaahahaaaha... Oh you were serious?

Jonathan Hunt said...

This is the best post ever. The tears are rolling down my cheeks!

wanderer said...

Prayers that the service would go smoothly. I'll look forward to Saturday. :)