10 May, 2008

Ofiller Completes 6th Bible

Henderson, TN -- By all accounts, William Lesley, 37, has never been seen without a Bible in his hands or on his lap. His love for the words of the Bible may be unsurpassed in all of history. No matter where he goes, you will see him with a Bible and a pencil or pen.

William's pastor, Jonathan Davidson believes William may be the most read (Biblically speaking) member of the congregation. "We're so proud of the Lesley boy. He's the only one in the entire church who can claim every word in the Bible. And he can prove he's claimed them, every single word."

Though he's now 37, the congregation members all refer to him as "the Lesley boy," a name that has stuck with him since he was about 12, probably because he still lives at home. He grew up with no hobbies or skills that anyone knows. None other, that is, than spending time in the words of the Bible.

"I tell you what. Every time you see that Lesley boy, yesiree, he's in that Bible," said Deacon Mitch Whitefield. "There's no doubt in my mind about his knowledge of the Word. When I have a hard Bible question, I go to the Lesley boy for answers."

Ms. Janice Cross has known William all of his life and quite proud of him since she was his Sunday School teacher for about 2 decades. "If anyone rightly divides the words of this Bible, it's that Lesley boy," said Ms. Cross. "He's got nothing to be ashamed about if you asked me. I approve of everything he's done."

Some claim that he does not have a good understanding of what he is doing, but they probably have not spent time looking at his handywork in his Bibles. There appears to be no denying that William knows every jot and tittle of the Bible.

We sat down with William, and he explained. "The first time, I filled straight through from Genesis to Revelations as I went word by word. The second time, I filled in a little from the Old Testament and the New Testament each day to break up the words used. It was nice seeing the red some during the early months. The third time, I filled the entire Bible backwards from Revelation to Genesises. The fourth time, I filled straight through, but with the Bible upside down. The fifth time, I filled it upside down from Revelation to Genesises. The sixth time, I color coded the Bible with blue for o's, green for g's and d's, red for e's and a's, yellow for p's and q's, purple for b's and capital R's, and black for polygons within numerals."

William continued, "My sixth time through the Bible was the best. I felt that I grew so much spiritually during my sixth fill. All the different colors in the different letters really brought out the richness of the words."

We asked William about his future plans for a seventh Bible fill. "I'm glad you asked that," said William, "I've already begun my seventh fill, but this time, I'm completely shading in all white spaces on the page outside of the letters and numbers and leaving the spaces in the letters and numbers white."


Richard Boyce said...

Dang. Number seven's gonna be a bear, lol.

Chris said...

What a spiritual giant.....Man, I don't think I have enough time in my life to do what that hero of the faith has done...


RHEA said...


What Bible translation is he using anyway???

Brother Slawson said...

Thanks for sticking with it guys.

Good eye Rhea. My thinkning with "Genesises" was to pick on the way many people like to pluralize Revelation into Revelations. Since William had previously filled from Genesis to Revelations(with an "s"), I thought it only proper for him to fill from Revelation to Genesises.