24 May, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: PWD Sufferers Have New Hope

On Tuesday's TBNN, I wrote about PWD raging in certain parts of our country. However, the posting of this DG blog article has caused many PWD sufferers to have new hope. Please read if you are in any danger of contracting PWD.


Andrew said...

I think you forgot the link:


Brother Slawson said...


I just started looking at next week's Sunday School Lesson for young adults (I teach the class) from Lifeway.

I did a search on Piper's website and I cannot find where he has ever preached any sermons on Proverbs Chapter 1.

What do I do???

Any suggestions???

PS I also can't find where Spurgeon or McArthur preached on this passage either.

Andrew said...

There is one sermon Piper did from Proverbs 1:7-9

If Piper, Spurgeon, and McArthur never preached on a passage, I would be weary of touching it... :)