19 April, 2008

When I Wasn't Saved: A Fun Ice-Breaker

We all have been in those situations where someone tells a story about the old days before they were saved. You think of a similar story, but you do not feel comfortable talking about it. You know, we all have those stories in our minds from before we were saved when we used to get drunk, party, get arrested, vandalize, get in brawls, smoke dope, curse up a storm, get tattoos, watch R movies and just generally live for ourselves without shame or understanding of our sin.

Experts believe it can actually be healthy to talk about such things. Not sure how to work these not-so-precious memories into a conversation? What if a new fun way existed that allowed everyone in the room (even the shy people) to give the juicy details of those pre-salvation days with an opportunity to do so within a comfortable, non-prideful, non-judgmental setting?

Well… IT’S HERE!!! The When I Wasn’t Saved board game provides an opportunity for hours of ice-breaking fun. If you are ever in a cold, boring conversation, you can break the ice with the When I Wasn’t Saved board game.

The When I Wasn’t Saved board game makes it easy to break the ice. First, without any conversation required, each participant chooses his/her game piece from a variety of those pre-repeat-after-me prayer days. Examples are:

· Clock set to 4am: for those old night owls
· The Bag of Gold: for those who lost $4,000 one evening in Las Vegas
· Lipstick: for the women who used to doll up their faces
· Other game piece tokens include: the brass knuckles, the joint, the beer can, the condom, the jeans, the movie stub, and the belly-button ring.

Second, remember that the point is not to enjoy talking about those pre-aisle days as much as rejoicing that you have overcome the past and no longer live in those When I Wasn’t Saved days.

Third, place your game token on in the Age of Accountability (Start) position. Roll the dice and move around the gameboard visiting either When I Wasn’t Saved Hellbound locations or When I Wasn’t Saved Heavenbound locations. Hellbound locations include such places as the nightclub, the tattoo parlor, the casino, and the beach. Wherever you stop, hopefully you are reminded of a pre-baptism story from your past or the past of anyone you know who has now walked the aisle. Make sure to begin every story with, “When I wasn’t saved I used to…” or “When Marcus wasn’t saved he used to…” or “When Sally wasn’t saved she used to…” etc. If you have a good story to tell, roll again. If you don’t have a story you are willing to share, your turn ends.

Fourth, to win the game you must land on all 5 different Heavenbound spaces (in no particular order) and collect the corresponding Heavenbound card each time: (1) visit the church, (2) walk the aisle, (3) pray the prayer, (4) get baptized, and (5) recommit your life. Alternatively, you can win the game if you are the only player remaining who has not yet gone to Hell (someone has to win). If you land in any of the Go To Hell squares, you must go directly to Hell unless you have a Heavenbound card to discard. If you land on Go To Hell without any Heavenbound cards, you automatically lose the game.

But no matter who goes to Hell in the game, everyone who shares a story of the pre-salvation days is a winner. So, get your copy of When I Wasn’t Saved today!

If you like When I Wasn’t Saved, you may also want to try some of our other conversational games including, If I Wasn’t Saved, If I Wasn’t Married, If I didn’t Have Kids, and If There Was No God. Look for these and other fine Christian conversation starters wherever Bibles are sold.


CristyLynn said...

Brother Slawson,

This is really clever! It reminds me of hearing all those "amazing" salvation stories and then thinking that I had a really boring one (before I realized that any story of God's grace to a totally depraved sinner IS AMAZING!).
I think you should make a version something like "When I was a Backslidden Christian" for people saved really young who don't have many pre-salvation days memories to share but maybe "slipped up" a few times since becoming a Christian.

Pastor Tony said...

I don't know. I'm afraid rolling dice might take me back in a different way. I mean, they use dice in those casinos don't they? Wouldn't we be descending into hell to play the game? I'm so confused.

Great post.

Team Tominthebox News Network said...

Obviously this post is all about Calvinism, so I thought I'd start a discussion here about the nature of election.

Just kidding.

Of all the articles you've ever written this is my favorite bro! I really laughed about this one hard.


Brother Slawson said...

Thank you guys.

Tom, I guess I could have added a special space for when you play this game with siblings. We could share stories of how we fought and tortured each other and learn to lie better to parents, etc. etc.

When I think back on the childhood though, I don't really remember you ever doing anything wrong (not that you couldn't explain away at least.) It seems I was always the bad one. So, I would like to sincerely apologize at this time since I don't think I ever did so as a kid.


Richard Boyce said...

"Obviously this post is all about Calvinism, so I thought I'd start a discussion here about the nature of election."

Ok, so the post didn't crack me up too much, but this comment did, lol.

Jerry Boyce said...

That does it. Tom- Richard, I don't want to hear anything from you for two weeks.....you both are in time out!!

Stefan said...

to win the game you must land on all 5 different Heavenbound spaces (in no particular order)...(1) visit the church, (2) walk the aisle, (3) pray the prayer, (4) get baptized, and (5) recommit your life.


Ken said...

So what if you still watch the occasional R-rated movies?...

You should be sure to copyright this game and see if Milton-Bradley would sell it. I think you could make some big bucks off it.

Horizon said...

*claps* Bravo, sir!

Steve said...

Hmm...I tried this game and kept getting stuck at Level 5 (recommit your life). Maybe one of these commitments will "take" eventually.

Great site!

Stephen said...

"place your game token on in the Age of Accountability (Start) position"

LOL - nice. Funny stuff.

Jim Pemberton said...

Wait a minute! Do you mean being a night owl is a sin? I need to go to bed!!

...or rather, uh, lets just play another round. Give me my clock-set-to-4am back.