22 March, 2008

tx bble (The Text Message Bible)

Are you having difficulty getting your teenagers to read The Message? Is your daughter uncomfortable lugging around a cumbersome book? Does your son often fall asleep attempting to read those lengthy passages out of The Message with all the unnecessary letters?

Do you honestly want to see them grow in their spiritual life but don't know their language?

Well, d tx Message is the book for you... and we mean that. The d tx Message is NOT for your teenager. It's for YOU! The d tx Message contains everything you need to make a connection with your teenager (assuming your service provider establishes a clear signal.) With d tx Message, we've cracked the code so you can efficiently send a text message of every single sentence in The Message.

Here are two familiar excerpts from John:
in the vicinity of John 3:16
4t mn ^stairs so luvD d wrld dat he giv hs 1 n 1ly boy, dat hu Blevz n him shll nt di bt av lyf 4ever.
in the vicinity of John 1:1
n d Bginin wz d wrd. d wrd wz W God n d wrd wz God.

Just look at the efficiency of 1 Chronicles 26:18:
The Message
At the open court to the west, four guards were posted on the road and two at the court.
d tx Message
@ d opN cort 2 d west, 4 guards wr postD OTR n 2 @ d cort

"If getting The Message through to your loved one is a challenge, why not send a text message from The Message?" asked author Eugene Peterson. "Your teenager may not listen to the preacher preach or to your lectures. But whose teenager would ever let a text message go unread? There's no better way to get them to read The Message."

in the vicinity of Matthew 20:21
wadya wnt? Gsus askD. She z, I wnt my 2 sons 2B yr bff.

Just like the mother of the Zebedee brothers, we all want our children to be best friends forever with Jesus. Why not buy yourself d tx Message today?


Eric said...

This post is great. It's the truth part of it that is scary.

Elder Eric

Chris Latch said...

2here acn i buy this????? LINK PL3EZ


Alice C. said...

LOL! IMHO u r 2 funE :)

Chris said...


Where's the L33t hacker's Message Bible?