01 March, 2008

Released on Baal

Grapevine, TX -- Benny Hinn announced his latest crusade theme yesterday during a live webcast service from New York during the Impartation and Anointation Conference.

In exclusive interviews with TBNN, Hinn explained, "The Lord has told me to begin monthly crusades around the country. Every person who attends will receive that anointing power over demons."

"When Satan chains you, you are a prisoner," Hinn continued. "You need to be released. This year, I'm going to anoint and release the people to do more than simply stomp on Baal. Literally thousands upon thousands are going to receive and know their power over the devil when I raise my hands and confirm that they are totally Released on Baal."

That's right! TBNN has confirmed that, no matter what has you bound, Hinn promises that you can be Released on Baal. "The old expression 'Stomp on Satan' is quite worn. I want the people to know that, after I release them, they can feel free to have their way with Satan."

"No more are the ones I anoint confined to just stomping. I release you to kick, slap, punch, pile-drive, sleeper-hold, half-nelson, hammerbomb, leglock, clothesline, forearm smash, snowplow, or even rope burn Satan. After everyone is released, my anointed will gather once and for all to completely bury the devil."

The Released on Baal tour is expected to kick off simultaneously with the TBN (not to be confused with TBNN) yearly pledge drive on April 1st. The pledge drive is also entitled Released on Baal where those in bondage will be invited to flex muscle against the devil while making a donation. If you are no longer bound, you will be invited to post bond for a loved one so he too can be Released on Baal.


Jerry Boyce said...

I minister in Fort Mill, SC. Some would remember that was where the PTL powerhouse operated from. Ever since the Jim and Tammy circus came to town and went the way they did, it has been harder and harder for Bible-believing churches to gain trust and respect. I have a friend that is a free-lance camera guy that films Hinn and others like him. He knows what goes on is not of God, but he doesn't mind getting paid by Hinn. He is actually filming him this weekend. I will ask him if he has power over demons now. HAHA.
What a sad little man.......

Darrin said...

One thing the devil can't stand is a paper cut.

Charles Sebold said...

It took me the whole post to figure out that you are rhyming "Baal" with "Bail." Now I get it.

Darrel Davis said...

I can hear Benny right now singing "Blessed Asherahance" from the platform.