29 March, 2008

Church Plans 5th Sunday "Fast on the Grounds"

Brighton Woods, MS-- Y'all come on out this Sunday, March 30th to New Cavalry Baptist Church's 5th Sunday services. That' right. After we've heard some good preaching by Brother Plazer, we'll all make our way back to the fellowship hall or outside to the back of the church property under the trees for a real nice time.

Visitors, don't you worry about bringing a thing. That's right. The ladies of the church are taking care of everything. Mrs. Hanson has already worked with all the women to make sure each church family has something not to bring.

For our uncovered dish service, the Wilsons will not bring the fried chicken. The Jacksons will not bring the honey baked ham. The Johnsons will not bring the cokes. Mrs. Millford will not make a naner pudding. The Franklins will not be responsible for the green bean casserole with those dehydrated onions.

Any if you are visiting, don't you worry about a thing. That's right. Instead of a 5th Sunday Dinner on the Grounds get together, we are having a Fast on the Grounds gathering. You don't have to worry if you didn't bring nothing. Just bring your family and make your way back around to the fellowship hall after services for a real nice unpotluck (or is it potunluck?)


Eric said...

This post is farther from reality than any other I have ever read on TBNN. One of the core doctrines of a Baptist church is food.


Tim Ashcraft said...

File under "That'll be the day."

Jerry Boyce said...

Don't forget the imfamous joke:

What does the Baptist preacher call his belt?

The fence around a chicken grave yard!

Darrel Davis said...

It is a well known fact that Baptists have three ordinances: Baptism, Lord's Supper and covered dish.

Jerry Boyce said...

Shucks, while we are on the subject, that reminds me of where copper wire came from:

Two Baptist preachers reaching for the same penny!

Brother Slawson said...

I'm thinking of motioning at our next business meeting that we have a "Fast on the Grounds" rather than the "Dinner on the Grounds"

But, I'm unsure of how to properly word the motion. Any ideas?

Darrin said...

Bro Slaw: How about just saying that you'd like to see if it's possible to have enjoyable fellowship without food?

Or you could call it, "These only come out by prayer and fasting".

Chris Latch said...


I thought the idea was great until I read that there would be no 'nanner pudding'.

Sorry, but I just can't break 300 years of baptist tradition like that. Fast if you must, but at least have a good nanner pudding for dessert afterwards!

Jim Pemberton said...

I heard this caused quite an uproar in that church. Even bro Cal Dort and bro Ian Armin came together to protest. Sis Minnie Kidlins asked if she could bring snacks for her youngins. Bro Ever Grazen couldn't believe folks should go without a meal for that long. Sis Usta Bea Ottaby said, "We've always had meals whenever we get together and it's never hurt us. I don't see any reason to do it any different now."