02 February, 2008

Super Bowl News Bites

NFL: “Yes”to Parbar, “No” to Baptist

There was much controversy over the NFL’s demand for Fall Creek Baptist Church to cancel their Super Bowl viewing party in Indianapolis, Indiana. (It’s true, click here.) Little is known, however, of the smaller town controversy in Mize, Mississippi. With a record attendance of 3 on past Super Bowl Sundays, Two-Creek Baptist Church was planning to bring in a projector and broadcast the game. The Baptists’ plans were reversed after receiving their own letter from the NFL demanding cancelation. A local controversy arose when people realized that just a few miles away, At Parbar Westward, an emergent church which was incorporated last October, has plans for a similar broadcast. Parbar did not receive a letter from the NFL. The NFL defended the decision by explaining that it has always had a policy of allowing establishments to broadcast the game if such establishments allow the watching of television and the drinking alcohol in their normal course of business.

Church Leaders Permit Coliseum Celebrations

To: Fellow Christians in Rome

From: Church Leaders

RE: Gladiator Games

Date: February 3, 0079

With the impending ultimate gladiator games scheduled for Sunday beginning around the 3rd hour, some of you may be concerned that participation in the games would not be a Christian thing to do, especially after the toga malfunction several years ago. Church leaders have decided, however, that Coliseum attendance is acceptable. Our absence would be noticed and perhaps lead to discovery of our secret meetings. We do not desire to be obviously vacant from this supreme event. Therefore, we are canceling our usual first day of the week services in order to participate in the ultimate gladiator games celebration, avoiding suspicion. Please be aware that your spectatorship in such games will not be equated as your condoning the slaughtering of animals or the killing of other humans on the first day of the week.

NFL: Thou Shalt Not Promote a Message

NFL assistant council Rachel L. Margolies was quoted: “we are consistent in refusing the use of our game broadcasts in connection with events that promote a message, no matter the content.”

One planned to sit on a pew; the other, a bar stool.

One planned to drink a few Diet Cokes; the other, have several beers.

One planned to sit with his family and friends; the other, with waitresses in bright orange shorts.

Each planned to watch on a 12-ft projection screen.

Each planned to cheer.

Each was prepared to contain emotions if his team lost.

One’s establishment was told to cancel the event.

“Which?” you may ask.

The one that was promoting a message, of course.


Darrin said...

Brother Slawson,
Tuesday and no responses yet? This was a good post!
I kind of understand the NFL leaning toward the "Parbar" folks, though. I mean, just the word itself makes me feel all warm inside.

Brother Slawson said...

Hey Darrin... thank you.
Honestly, if I saw a sign for "At Parbar Westward" I'd probably attend the conversation at least once.