19 January, 2008

Yes, Of Course I'm a Packers Fan

Yes, of course I am a Green Bay Packers fan. My family has adored and followed the Packers for four generations. My grandfather attended every game during the 1960s. My father has held season tickets for our entire family since the early 1980s. I currently have 6 seats on the 40 yard line for every home game.

I have continued the tradition of love for the Packers. It’s important to me that this demonstration of love is passed down to my kids and they come to love and appreciate the Packers as I do. I’ve gone with my kids to about 1 Packer game on average every year for the last 10 years. Although I don’t attend that many games, my kids know the Packers are important to me because I send them to the games. My wife and kids haven't missed a single regular season game in the last 4 years.

Why don’t I go to the games that often? You know how it is; things can get really hectic during the week, and Sunday is about the only day I have for myself. Now, I love the Packers. Don’t get me wrong. Just because I don’t attend doesn’t mean I’m not a fan. I'm really truly crazy about them. I don’t have to physically sit in a seat with other fans to be a fan. There are no laws stating that I need to attend a game to be a fan. Do I have to work for my “fanship” status? I know in my heart that I’m a fan, regardless of what all those hypocritical season ticket holders around me say when I do attend games. They don’t know my heart. Besides, I can watch the games on tv and it’s just as well.

How often do I watch them on tv? Well, I don’t have to watch the game “per se.” If I’m washing my car, I can listen to the game on the radio and it’s just as good. Besides, with my earpiece radio, I can even hear the game while I’m shoveling snow. Like last week during the Seattle game. If I had gone and sat in my season ticket seats, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the game thinking of the accumulation of snow on my driveway. By the time my boys were home with my Dad, I had the driveway cleared. That was a great game, huh?

As far as Sunday’s go, like I said, it’s really the only day I have for myself. I can go to nfl.com or watch SportsCenter to see what happened. As a true fan, I usually find out what happened during the games before I go into work because there is this one nut at work who can talk about nothing else. He brings up the topic of the Packers continually. Farve did this, another guy did that that, Brooks did this play and Green did that play. He knows all the players names and even how to spell them. It’s embarrassing.

Of course we all like the Packers. This is Green Bay, for crying out loud. We don’t have to talk about it all the time. I just don’t feel comfortable verbally sharing my fanship about the Packers with others. Yes, I bought my season tickets. Yes, I go to a game once a year. Yes, I’m training my kids to respect the Packers. But “No” I don’t really feel comfortable talking about it at work. People should be able to tell that I'm a Packers fan because I wear something with a little green on the Fridays before a big game. I don't have to wear a cheese hat for people to know I'm a fan. They should be able to see it by my pleasant smile.

The crazy nut Packers fan always goes straight up to this guy who transferred in from Chicago and tries to convert him. He talks about all the greatness of the Packers. You can tell the Chicago fan really doesn’t want to talk about it. I think it could even be considered harassment. It’s embarrassing. When the Chicago fan asks me, “Hey, aren’t you one of those Packers fans too?” I just shrug it off and try not to make a big deal about it by saying something like, “Yeah, my family has owned tickets a long time. It’s kind of a family tradition. And going to sporting events is good for the kids.”

The crazy Packers fan has all the statistics memorized. He even starts talking about how Farve gave special nods and how the offensive line performed a run block but Farve threw a pass anyway. Who cares about all of the strategy and details? The Packers won! What else do you need to know? We know they won, leave all the detailed analysis to the sports reporters. I don't need to know who nodded to enjoy the fact that we won. At work, let me work. That’s what my workplace is for.

The crazy nut fan put a little metal “G” symbol on the back of his car. How embarrassing. I could never get one of those “G” symbols because I may cut someone off and that would be embarrassing for all Packers fans. Besides, the symbol is very similar to another vile symbol… that of the University of Georgia. I wouldn’t want to confuse anyone into thinking I'm a Georgia fan. I would never want to be confused with a fan of a college team that plays a high school team and calls it a “bowl game.”

In any case, my love for the Packers is something that is really quite a personal matter. But that doesn't make me any less of a fan. You love your team, and I'll love my Packers. If I want to let my seats sit empty, that is my business and not yours. Yes, of course I'm a Packer's fan.


Malachi_Abaddon said...


Point made.

Anonymous said...

This is why I abhor American Football and Love Real Football (Soccer) Besides, We have better hooligans than you.

Jim Pemberton said...


I bet you don't go to the tailgate parties either. There's also the booster club and the cheerleaders. Some fans even make the extra effort to go to away games.

Pastor Tony said...

Be careful! There are those up here in Packer country that would take great offense to your post. No true Packer fan could be silent about it. No true Packer fan would have season tickets just to give away.

Oh wait, that was your point, I'm a little slow.

"There is only one Lambeau and Lombardi is its prophet." --truer than you know if you are not here in WI

CDJ said...


As a TRUE Packer fan, I cannot tell you how much I appreciated this post.

Well done.

Stick E. Wickett said...

So, Packer fan owns the tickets...but he doesn't go to all the games.

Does his owning the tickets depend upon his attendance?

Can he (gulp) LOSE his season tickets for not going to all the games?

Better yet, does going to all the games and wearing the shirt and putting the little G on the bumper truly make one a Packer fan?

Jim Pemberton said...

No, but a Packer fan should WANT to come to the games. After all, the purpose for having tickets is to to actually be there for the Big Game. Consider this: if a Packer fan has season tickets and never uses them, what good are they?

The neat thing is that the Packers have a policy where if you share your season tickets with someone else and they take them, the owners will give you more.

Brother Slawson said...


* Having a designated spot in the pew...uhh.. in the stadium does not equate to a true fan.

* As far as going to games and wearing the G... You raise a good question! These things can be performed by fake fans in the short term.

*Going to the game and wearing the G does NOT make one a true fan. But what good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has fanship, but does not wear have the G on his shirt, car, or lips?

*Show me your fanship apart from your actions, and I will show my fanship by my actions.

*Fanship without the fan actions, is dead.

Stefan said...

A masterpiece!

Jeff said...

At least you don't take off your shirt and paint one of those big G's on your hairy belly every Sunday....

wanderer said...

Very well thought out post. I liked it.