21 January, 2008


Okay, I know I'm not the only one who's had one of these moments.  You know, where you wake up at 8:15 for an 8 o'clock exam, or you take just a little too long during your Sunday afternoon nap and roll over to see that church starts in 15 minutes.

So, today, it hit me about 5PM Berlin time..."Um, I haven't posted anything for today."  

My family and I are here in Berlin, Germany.  In case you didn't know, when one is on a Russian visa, he must leave the country every 6 months and then reenter in order to register for his remaining six months.  Such is our case.  Our registration ran out, so we had to leave.  The best option was flying the ultra-cheap airline Air Berlin, to Germany.  

So, here it is, almost 2PM on a Monday and all you Boxers are wondering "Okay, where's the funny stuff?" and I must confess, with much regret, I have nothing to offer.  I realized my oversight about 5PM Berlin time, and we just made it back to the hotel.  Sure I could whip out something cutesy and such, but I won't insult your intelligence.  

So please forgive me.  Browse the archives, or read the real news, sometimes it's just a ridiculous.  



Rhett said...


Do you really think that qualifies as an excuse?!

You've got to tighten up man!


Dr Mike said...

This totally cracked me up! That "my family and I are here in Berlin, Germany" followed adeptly by "when one is on a Russian visa" - well, coffee shot out my nose and I spit up a bit of last night's sushi!

And "I won't insult your intelligence" - yeah, like that's even possible!

Keep 'em comin', Tom. What a great way to start the day!

Jim Pemberton said...

So we're "Boxers"? Are you trying to say you shorted us today? :D

Don't sweat it, Tom.

Darrin said...

Tom, I gotta say these guys commenting did a fine job of covering for you. Thanks for the laughs, guys.