27 January, 2008

Serious Sundays

For some time now I've wanted to start doing a Sunday post, but with a little bit different direction.  Don't worry, we'll continue the time-honored tradition here of making you spew coffee all over your computer screen six days a week, but we laugh about a lot of things here at TBNN, and perhaps we can take the Lord's Day to be a little bit more serious.
There's not necessarily a specific theme for Sunday's, it just won't be satire.  Sometimes I might comment on an issue brought up during the week.  I might just share some links, or do some blog spotting.  

So this week I begin with several random things.
There's my "serious" blog that y'all can check out.  Working on the mission field has proven challenging in many ways.  One way in particular is staying consistent with my own devotional life.  Thus I am trying out some "internet accountability" with my new blog called "Heretic Mug Collection."  Check it out and you'll also find out why I've named it that.  It is my hope to blog each day about part of my devotional reading with hopes that if I start to slack off that faithful readers will call me on it.  

And in case you didn't know it, our own Elder Eric keeps a "serious" blog of his own over at Hammer and Nail.  Check it out...good stuff.

There's an excellent article by Ligon Duncan over at the T4G blog about whether or not paedobaptists and credobaptists can really be "together for the gospel."  Dr. Duncan handles the issue in a most excellent and God-glorifying way.  

Thinking of writing a book?  Check out what Tim Challies has to say on the matter.

And congrats to Andrew Fletcher (a.k.a. Fletch) on baby number 8!  Read his post and play Fletch's online game to find out if it's a boy or a girl.  

Okay, that's it for now.  See you on Monday.


Stefan said...

What a great idea...adding a bit of sobriety on Sunday mornings.

Tom, I'll try to keep an eye on your new blog, and do what I can to help out...but I'm more beset in my propensity for getting off track than you are, so I can't necessarily promise providing consistent accountability!

Darrin said...

Thanks for the piece from Pastor Duncan. How graciously he handles that. If my son should end up at school in Jackson, I'd be happy to steer him toward First Presbyterian. And we're in the SBC!