08 December, 2007

Speechless Evangelism: Words Optional

Deluth, Ga – Have you ever gone speechless trying to share the good news? TBNN has learned that for pastoractor Benny Rogers and the membership of Spring Waters Assembly, “Words are optional.”

Pastoractor Roger’s on-stage evangelistic lifestyle lessons have been… well… quite action-packed over the last few months. In a style similar to that of Mr. Bean, the pastoractor performs common, everyday activities on the church stage instead of preaching a sermon on Sunday morning.

“One week it is a mock living room; the next it is a mock office; sometimes it is a mock car,” said usher turned stagehand Billy Nelson.

Pastoactor Rogers is usually on stage with one or two other people, but he rarely speaks. “People retain more information through observation rather than listening. Who will show them how to live? How can they see without out a preacher on stage?” asked Nelson.

Colby Keith, Minister of Music turned Executive Director, explained “Quite frankly, our surveys show that Christians really don’t want to hear about the gospel. Like reading any other boring instruction booklet, reading the Bible simply is not at the top of the congregation’s list of things to do. Pastoractor Rogers is a great studier of the Word. I feel that he's called to be our teacher and Bible studier.”

Hannah Indiana, 17 year old former choir member turned Thematic Vocalist said, “People like want to watch, and to see something, and to feel. We want to experience Christianity, not hear about it. Since like they replaced that boring sermon-thing with a play, I finally get Christianity. The third week after we started the new format, I came off the stage and rededicated my life.”

“I like to call it action-witnessing,” said longtime member Milly Ray Dryfus. “No Bible passages, no speaking, nothing is ever said about God or Jesus or doctrine or anything else dogmatically legalistic. We really don’t need to hear any of that stuff. People should see through our actions alone that we are going to Heaven. It’s all action evangelism all the time. It’s wonderful.”

TBNN learned that Pastoractor Rogers does a variety of skits. Some days he simply reads his newspaper on stage. Others, he works on his computer. On others, he sits and drinks coffee with friends.

Excerpts from a church playbill provide two examples of Pastoractor Rogers’ “Words Optional” style:

· Once he spilled coffee all over himself. He was able to give us quite a string of slang terms, but stayed away from anything regarded as “dirty” or “cursing”. It’s nice to know we can use terms that show disgust, while confident that such language indicates that we are Christians, without ever having to actually use our mouths to share the gospel. It’s all done through our actions.

· Using a mock living room, but a real TV and DVD player, when someone on the TV curses or says something suggestive, Pastoractor Rogers always shakes his head in disappointment and disgust as any Christian should do. It’s a direct witness to others in the room. And no matter how interesting the movie, our pastoractor always turns off the movie upon the third instance of blatant nudity. “Three strikes and you’re out” he says as he tosses the DVD in the garbage. His spirituality is unmatched.


Anonymous said...

This is worse than a song getting stuck in my head -- the picture of Mr. Bean as a pastor!

G. Twilley said...

Perhaps they also have a staged traffic situation where the Pastoractor is driving a vehicle emblazoned with outward signs (i.e. various bumper stickers, or one of the ever popular variations of an icthus) that the vehicle is, indeed, being driven by a Christian. Hopefully, in his scenario, he won't cut anyone else off...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bean is already the president of a seminary: www.sbts.edu