01 December, 2007

Pastor Swap, Only on ABC

Tune in Monday, December 3rd, at 9:00 pm ET for the premier episode of Pastor Swap, Only on ABC.

This week see what happens when Pastor Walker of Living Tree Full Gospel Congregation in South Carolina swaps congregations with Bishop Melanie Robe of the Seattle Diocese.

Bios are given below.

Living Tree Full Gospel Congregation: For the Living Tree congregation of South Carolina, life revolves around the men's outdoor events of hunting, fishing, and eating. Spending over 75% of their yearly budget on four wheelers, shotguns, and fishing tackle, Living Tree members (38 in total) dedicate almost all of their time to the Men's Fellowship, while treating wives and children like second class citizens. In this church, what Pastor Walker says goes. Mrs. Walker secretly complains that the women in the church have to stay home and do house work while the men spend days in the woods "vacationing." There is barely any quality time between family members, not to mention a lack of fellowship between the women, except over the phone. When she's not scrubbing floors or making dresses for her daughters, Mrs. Walker (36) spends her hobby time planning her husband's favorite meals or changing the diapers of any of her three grandkids. Pastor Walker forces all the male members of his congregation to mimic his lifestyle or leave.

Seattle Episcopal Diocese: At the Seattle Diocese in Washington, the Reverend Bishop Melanie Robe resides in an eco-village with her life partner Selena Mable. The congregation seeks ways to recycle their own waste. Bishop Robe loves her eco-village and all the people living there. She's dedicated to saving the planet, and her congregation's eco-conscious practices include not using toilet paper and recycling their urine to cultivate the church plants. Selena is a sensitive, artistic teenager, and she's been given complete autonomy in her open partnership with Bishop Robe. But all is not peace and love at the eco-village; Adam and Steve, two new members, have problems agreeing on which brand of organic fertilizer to use in the West Greenhouse.


Andypro said...

Great stuff! It's already on my TIVO.

Lee Shelton IV said...

What I would like to see: Joel Osteen swapping churches with John Piper for a month. And make sure those cameras are rolling!

G. Twilley said...

"...recycling their urine to cultivate the church plants."

So, is that meant to be a double entendre?

As always, enjoying the satire:-).

Brother Slawson said...

Wow, Twilley... I see what you mean. Um... yeah... that's what I meant to do...

Actually, I pretty much plagarized (satirists can do this I think) this entire blurb from an episode of "Wife Swap" on ABC's website. I just changed a few words throughout to make it conform to "pastor" instead of "wife". On that sentence, I just added the word "church" I think.

Lee... I did try to think of swapping Dr. O with someone... I wish I would have thought of Piper... a good one!

Andypro... too funny.