12 November, 2007

Graduation Day

From the Office of the President. The Team Tominthebox News Network College of Theological Satire Bloggery. Dr. Tom Presiding.

Well the time has come to name the new Doctor of Theological Satire Bloggery from our esteemed university. The decision was very difficult. So many of the submissions and stories were good. Some submitted good stories yet didn't even have blogs, which, of course disqualifies you from receiving the coveted award. But I encourage you to get a blog. Some of you had great stories but apparently had trouble recalling that 8-10 sentences was the requirement for the length. But the stories were still cute.

This degree will be conferred occasionally at providential times (random times, for you Arminians) when a particular blog catches our notice here. If you want your blog to be noticed then send us an email, or simply start making comments.

So without further delay the degree goes to...

You can find Lance's site at http://nhoriginal.blogspot.com/.

Congratulations Dr. King. We look forward to your guest article on Monday, December 3rd. Please submit it to us here.

And now, Dr. King, here is the coveted high-quality JPEG image you can proudly display on your blogsite for all to see...Enjoy!


Richard Boyce said...

It actually bothers me that I didn't get this thing. I'm such a loser, hahaha.

Jacob Douvier said...

Congratulations, "Dr." King!