02 October, 2007

"Every Member a Committee Member"

MERIDIAN, MS - At Magnolia Lane Christian Church (MLCC), the new church slogan is driving a revival.

According to Pastor Jimmy Deason, "I've been here for nine years, and I haven't ever seen anything quite like this. Our church folks are just so excited about being here and about serving the community. I know it is an act of God, but I think the new church slogan has a lot to do with it, too."

TBNN has learned that MLCC had been gradually declining in membership for the past 13 years. Then something amazing happened. In February of this year, some of the members suggested a new slogan to get people excited. "I was a bit skeptical at first," said church secretary Melba Higgins, "but when I saw the reaction of the people, I was convinced."

What had been the problem for the past 13 years? Pastor Deason said, "We just couldn't get people to fill all of our committee positions. We currently have 66 committees, but last year only 24 of those had more than three members. Without the committees functioning, the church just can't operate as it needs to."

David Tett, one of the principle members involved in the new slogan, told us, "We saw a great need, and decided to meet it. We suggested the new slogan - Every Member a Committee Member - because it met that need, was original, and was something people could rally around." And rally they have.

Secretary Higgins reported at a church meeting last week that almost every committee is now full. That means at least seven members per committee. In fact, only five committees are lacking enough members at this time. These are: the custodial committee, the evangelism committee, the orphans and widows committee, the Christmas decoration removal committee, and the youth clean-up committee. Also, church membership is up by six over this time last year.

Even the youth think this is cool. Amanda Pauls, a ninth-grader at MLCC, exclaimed "Things are so exciting now! People actually want to come to church. We all get to serve on a committee - it makes us all feel so involved, and like we're serving. I'm on the youth fun and games committee."

Pastor Deason summed up the situation for TBNN, "Some churches believe that every member should be a minister, and that's fine for them. We caught a different vision. We wanted to take things down to the most basic level for the church. Thanks be to God that we realized that if the committees don't work, the church won't work. Once we got the new slogan in place, the committees started working again. That led to involvement and excitement in church. What a breath of fresh air!"


Anonymous said...

I was waiting for the punchline---church attendance was at an all-time high this week--53! I'd also love to see ideas for those other 60 committees, because I'm sure you missed the sixth under-staffed one--nursery care and scheduling.
Blessings to you! Love the work you all do here!

Joe Blackmon said...

Wait, what part of this is supposed to be funny. I mean, a church without at least 60 committees isn't a real church, right? I mean, everybody has heard of Oral Roberts Rules of Order, right?

Jeff said...

I just had a horrible flashback and threw up! Thanks

Darrin said...

We're wanting to move toward
"Every Member a Monergist", but there's been some resistance.

jamesr said...

Committee: Where minutes are kept and hours are lost.

Evangelism Committee - where "ours" (residents in the community) are lost.

Music Library Committee - where "minuets" are kept - so we don't have any dancing in the church.

Brother Slawson said...

We realized a couple of years ago that committees are unscriptural. So, we changed them all to "Groups" (e.g. Fellowship Group, Worship Group, Website Group, etc.)

D.J. said...

"Committee: Where minutes are kept and hours are lost."

Can I get that on a T-shirt? What I wouldn't give to wear that to our next business meeting!

jamesr said...


I'm sure that there are T-shirt emporiums about that will print that for you, if the folk at Tominthebox haven't already begun to market the product.

I had someone make up a shirt for me that said "Carpe Carp - Seize the Fish". It was a feeble attempt at humor. Not many who saw it "caught on" (pardon the unintended pun).