01 September, 2007

Make Her da Mommy of Your Life

Dear Wittle Brudder or Wittle Sisser,

I doughno who you are yet. Are you a boy or are you a dirl? I pwayed for you so you can play wiff me, see? Dey say I can’t play wiff you until you are borned, see? I now pway for you to be borned an now I need you to be borned so we can play. It make me happy dat you can be borned cuz I want you to be borned so I pwayed for you to be borned. I love you alweady. I want to play wiff you alweady.

But I can’t play wiff you til you are rweawy borned. I trying to tell you, see? Dis so you can know what to do to be borned. I know you are in dare because mommy is fat an you are in dare. I was where you are, see? I know what you haff to do.

You need to make my mommy da mommy of your life. I know you can do dis. If you don’t make her you mommy wike I made her my mommy den we can’t play. If you don’t decide to be borned she can’t be your mommy. You rweawy, rweawy, rweawy need to make her da mommy of your life. Only you can do dis. I can’t do it for you. Pwease make her de mommy of your life wike me did.

You need to cept my mommy as da mommy of your life. If you will only cept her as your mommy, den dats wike mwaking her your mommy too, wike me, see? Tink about it in your bwain. Tink about it and just bwieve it and you can do it too, see? You need a mommy. Everybwody needs a mommy wedder dey know it or not know it. If you shews to cept her as you mommy, den you can be my brudder or sisser and we can play.

Pwease don’t nore mommy. Sometimes I busy and play and I nore mommy. I nore her and she tink I busy. If you nore her, she may never be you mommy like she my mommy. I know you can feel her if you try. When I in dare, I sometimes nore mommy. But, eventrwee I cide to cept her and make her da mommy of my life. I cide to cept her in my heart as my mommy.

Da wight time may be wight now. If you shews to make her your mommy wight now and if you cept her wight now, you can do it wight now and we can play. I hope you can come wight now. I rweawy want you to come out wight now so we can play wight now. If you don’t come wight now I hope you come out soon. Maybwe you could come out t’night if you want to come out t’night.

I tell you how I came out, see? One day when mommy was fat I cide to come out because I saw the pitcher of when I was not come out. I shews to cide to come out and you can shews to cide to come out too, see? If you shews to cide to come out wike I cide to come out then you can make her your mommy too, see? I was kickin and kickin and I did not know what to do. I did not know how to come out. I tawt I was stuck. I could not see what I doing. I could not see. I tink you can’t see now eidder. You rweawy need to make her you mommy. You need to shews now to cide now to cept her.

Pwease, pwease cide to cept her and come out now. I know you kick. You need to shews to be borned. I see you kick. I see you move. I know if you only bwieve she will love you wike she love me. She has many many love. She a good mommy to me. I know she a good mommy for you too if you bwieve her. You can do it. I can help you if you can hear me in dare. Come out and be borned. You rweawy need to make you be borned now so we can play. I know if you don’t come out den you die an I sorry if you die. I so sorry if you die. If you know you are not borned right now, den you can shews to be borned. Do you know dat? Do you know you are not borned yet and you need to be borned? Please shews to be borned.

You rweawy need to know my mommy want to be you mommy too. She talks to you and sings to you too, see? She wait for you. She rweawy rweawy want to be you mommy if you cide to cept her. If you cide to cept her, she will be your mommy if keep bwieving she rweawy rweawy is you rweal mommy. Don’t stop bwieving. You need to cept her in you heart and not stop, not ever. If you bwieve it one time I hope you keep bwieving it. Bwieve, bwieve, bwieve. It easy to bwieve and shews to cept her. Pwease cide wight now. I want to play wiff you. Make her da mommy of your life.




Peter Kirk said...

Dear Mommy,

I hear I was wong to fink that my wittle brudder or sisser can cide when to be borned. Uncle Slawson says you Mommy cide if baby is going to be borned and when. I say then I gonna ask Mommy to cide to have baby borned quick so I can play wiff him or her. But Uncle says you already cided long ago when baby will be borned, or perhaps that it won't be borned at all, and nothing I can say can change her mind. I say, how can that be? You don't really want baby to die inside you, do you? You say you wove baby like you wove me. So how can you let baby die? Please let baby be borned quick. Uncle told me I should ask you this, but he also told me it won't make any difference. I'm confused. I need to hear what you have to say about this.




Nicholas said...


DT said...

It took me a few paragraphs to figure out what you were doing, but wow, that really was brilliant!

Jacob Douvier said...

Like dt, it took me a bit to realize what you were getting at. Props. A friend once said that he thought that a lot of our theological speculation must sound like that to God.

Jonathan said...

I'm not fully grasping the concept of this post, mainly due to college work and working all together, I'm pretty much brain dead!
Can someone shed some light for me. Thanks so much! God bless.

Brother Slawson said...


I'll try...
I thought it would be comical to imagine a young child (Krissy) trying to explain her birth experience to an unborn sibling. I have four kids now older than 5 and I miss their language so I tried to have fun with that at the same time. From Krissy's best guess, she concludes that she must have decided to be born. She is equipped with facts: (1) she has seen pictures that she too used to be inside the womb, and (2) she obviously is now outside the womb, (3) it is indisputable that this woman is now her loving, caring mommy. She reaches two conclusions on her own. She believes if she had not decided to come out, she never would have this love. She believes that she must have chosen to make this woman (who carried her) her mommy. She loves her mommy dearly. Mommy loves her and she knows this. Krissy honestly wants to help in any way she can. Krissy is fearful that the unborn sibling will not do the correct things to be born. In her mind, Krissy wants to help her unborn sibling with the birth experience so the unborn baby can have a loving mommy too. It’s a nice, sweet story, but we, of course, know that Krissy, as well as the unborn, are not in control of the birth experience at all. Krissy doesn’t explain the process correctly, but somehow the message of the need for a mother’s love and the need to be born is probably still conveyed. It may even be okay that Krissy thinks this way. It will not change the fact that mommy is Krissy’s mother. Outside the story, we can imagine that Krissy’s relationship with her mother may be richer in the future if she realizes that mommy was the one in control all along.

Peter Kirk said...

if she realizes that mommy was the one in control all along

Am I as ignorant as Krissy? Have I somehow got the wrong idea that Mommy is not in fact in control of when the baby was born, or even (barring abortion of course) of whether it was born alive, stillborn or miscarried?

The analogy signalled by your label simply does not work, as I made clear in my previous comment.

Brother Slawson said...


First, I must say I agree with you that the statements are not absolutely perfect.

However, consider the relative control of mommy vs. baby. Relative to mommy, baby has no control over the process whatsoever. Compared to baby (1) mommy has all control over conception, (2) mommy has all control over expected timing of birth, (3) mommy has all control over nutrients baby receives, (4) mommy has all control over the babies "ride" and safety, and (5) mommy can survive independent of baby.

I believe Krissy was mistaken in thinking baby had any control at all. I believe baby has absolutely zero control and is totally dependent upon mommy.

Darrin said...

Good analogy, though reading baby-talk can be arduous. (Writing it must be worse!) Most analogies break down at some point - here you have the fact that God's control still exists above the mother's, but the point is well-taken. I used a similar comparison to a church leader recently by saying "we have no ability for self-motivation toward God: Lazarus and the dry bones in Ezekiel are good pictures of “our part” in “choosing” to believe, just as is the terminology of being “born from above”. How much choice did we have about our natural birth? We had to come through the birth canal, but God pulled us through all the way!"