18 June, 2007

Tominthebox 2.0 Coming Tuesday, June 19th

On Tuesday, June 19th the Tominthebox News Network will enter a new phase of its existence with Tominthebox 2.0! For about 6 months here I (Tom) have been the primary contributor to this blog, posting Monday through Friday. Recently my brother (Brother Slawson) joined TBNN to contribute on the weekends. His posts have been received with rave reviews.

While I tremendously enjoy posting here, sometimes five days a week can get a little tedious, and often I feel as though some of the articles I come up with aren't my best efforts. And recently, with my family about to move overseas and focus on our ministry in Russia, I have realized that the task of posting every weekday could become more difficult.

So what's the solution? On Tuesday, June 19th 2007 The Tominthebox News Network will cease to exist. It's been fun, and I have enjoyed everyone's readership.


Okay, just kidding. I wouldn't do that. But I'm very excited about the upcoming change. Beginning this Tuesday Elder Eric formerly of the excellent site Religion Roundtable joins TBNN every Tuesday and Thursday. I'll still be posting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and Brother Slawson will continue his weekend work on Saturdays.

We're all very excited about this new development. We feel this will enable all of us here to focus more time on the articles that we right. Also, for some time I've wanted to do more with a weekly podcast, but just haven't found the time.

So if anything is changing here at TBNN it's changing for the better! Look for the release of Tominthebox 2.0 this Tuesday.



Anya said...

Wow, I was scared there for a minute!

A said...

That was a close one!

I'm still waiting for the entire compilation to be published in book form.

fletch said...

Welcome Elder Eric! Quick question though...will Tominthebox 2.0 still be as good on my Mac?

Horizon said...

*shakes fist* Don't DO that!

Brian Hamrick said...

In the spirit of the new Zondervan translation you made us aware of, will the blog name be changing to Tom, Elder Eric, and Brother Slawson in the box news network? See how it just rolls off the tongue?

J said...

Oh wow that was scary for a minute! I'm glad to hear that you'll have some help. You're doing a great job with a multitude of responsibilities and talents, Tom!

Sewing said...

Praise the Lord! I've been following Elder Eric for a while, and I can see only good things coming out of this.

With all these Christian satirists coming together in one spectacular blog, I can only say this:

The millennium is close at hand!

Elder Eric said...

Thanks, everyone, for the kind remarks. Now, if I can just think of something to write about. Actually, that should not be too difficult with all of the crazy things that some of our churches do these days.

Sewing said...

The pressure's on, dude...you're supposed to deliver as of midnight tonight!

Chris said...

No joke when you said you were quitting I could feel my heart skip a beat. LOL I was about to write you an encouraging note about how I'm glad you were making other items in life a priority and it's OK that you were stopping the blog...

Then I shifted my eyes slightly downward. LOL

Glad to hear this excellent blog won't be going away. Glad to hear you are indeed making other items in your life a top priority. God bless you in Russia, dude.