27 May, 2007

Sunday Crossword Puzzle


1. Spurgeon's vice

4. "standing on a stump"

6. BJU's place to "connect"

9. setting the blogsphere "on fire"

11. reformed thought blocker


2. premier Authorized-Only "expert"

3. "My diddy"

5. "God hates _________"

7. emerging "church house"

8. book of the Bible that ends with 'atthew"

10. "that cursed Frenchman"


Sewing said...

Let's see...10 down...M-A-R-C-E-A.... Oh good. I thought you had something against Marcel Marceaux for a minute.

Sewing said...

Sorry, Marceau with no "x." Well, still too long.

Is there a prize for this? I suppose the real prize is just the joy of serving the Lord, but we are running low on Arr-mini-ohs.

Tominthebox News Network said...


Friday's post will give you a clue to who "that cursed Frenchman" is.


P.S. If you need help on the book of the Bible that ends with "atthew" here's a clue...it's in the New Testament.

Sewing said...

Tom, I assume you're being totally facetious here. Didn't you see my quote of Pushkin mentioning "that cursed Frenchman"? But I'm still stuck on the "'atthew." What could it possibly be???

Scott said...

Crossword puzzles on the Lord's Day? That's not very Reformed.