02 May, 2007

Sow Seed Today in Faith and Never Be Poor Again!

Okay, not really.

But you knew it eventually had to happen...with all of the fame and fortune blogging has brought me (ahem), I find that I still must press for more. So here it is for you readers out there...the shameless plug.

In approximately 80 days our family will be moving to St. Petersburg, Russia for the long-haul. Don't worry all you satire fans, they have internet in Russia (and electricity too), so I have every intention of keeping Tominthebox up and running (I've got to, or my wife will go nuts with me telling her every nutty story that pops into my head). But, as with any endeavor such as this comes need.

The first thing we need is prayer. In God's providence this blog gets an average of about 3,200 hits per week (sometimes more if I pick on Ergun Caner or invent some new anti-Calvinism product). I'm not sure how may different people that is, but I do reckon that it's not just one guy who comes here 3,200 times. So that's a lot of people who can be praying for us. Sure folks, I want you to come here and laugh, choke on your lunch, email the stories to all your friends, and hopefully get the point, but when you get on your knees each day my family would love it if you'd lift us up before the Father. Our ministry website outlines what our vision is for Russia and our long-term goals that you can pray about. You can also visit our ministry blog where we keep regular updates on things that are going on that you can pray for. It's a tremendous thing to think that, through this little knee-slapping blog, God has brought into our lives some 500 people per day, most of whom we do not know, who can pray for us.

We also need further support. We have raised about 85% of our total goal, and while we can still go to Russia on that, the rest does need to come in eventually. Now I've never met most of you who regularly read here, but if you do happen to take a moment to visit our ministry website and find yourself burdened to help us out, then we'd love to have you on board. (Don't worry, I won't post a story about you if you don't give or something).

Finally, as a way to add some fun to all of this, any profits from the sale of TBNN products you purchase over at our blog store go directly to support our missions work in Russia. All products have been marked up an average of $5, and all of that will go to our work. So if you're looking for that perfect gift for a birthday, wedding, or bar-mitzva (or mitzwa if you like the 'waw' pronunciation of the Hebrew letter) then give the store an old look-see.

Thanks for taking a moment to read this post. We now return you to your regularly scheduled satire (tomorrow at least).

In Christ,


Ben P. said...

No, it actually is just me coming here 3,200 times. Sorry.

Chris said...

Wait a minute....I also come here 3,200 times a day. The numbers just don't add up!! lol

Sewing said...

I'm trying to wrap my head around buying TBNN products for bar mitzvah gifts....

May the Lord watch over you and bless you as you bring his Word to Russia. May the Holy Spirit work through you so that all whom you meet hear the gospel not only in their minds but also in their hearts, and come to Christ.

Alice C. said...

Having just lived overseas, albeit briefly, I will be praying for you with a special understanding of what your family will be experiencing.