06 March, 2007

Serious Stuff

There will be no edition of the Tominthebox News Network Today. I am leaving this morning at 7:20AM CST for Russia. I will be back (Lord willing) the evening of Thursday, March 15th. Posting should resume this Wednesday, March 7th.

Due to this, I am declaring today Serious Day, and no funny comments should be made about this post. If you feel the need to laugh then
look at this picture of Martin Lloyd-Jones and try to imitate his facial expression. Maintain this look all day long. If you still find it difficult then look at the pictures below.

Dirty socks...nothing funny about it...no sir.

Jesse always has something or someone he's mad at.
Try to be serious like him.

Absolutely nothing funny about Lima beans.


Sewing said...

Tom, may the Lord God protect you in your travels, and see you arrive safely in Russia, for the sake of his glorification.

Malachi_Abaddon said...


victor said...

It is cold in Russia,
I'm serious,
look at the photo at the following link

It is a serious photo.

Sewing said...

Putting Victor's link together, see this photo.

But...what the heck!?

Rev. said...

May the Lord grant you traveling mercies.

P. S. (Sorry about the smile on my picture).

pilgrim said...

...And yet you made me laugh--
May God bless your time in Russia...