02 February, 2007

Texe Marrs: “Tominthebox Brought the Blogger Crash”


Texe Marrs, a staunch defender of KJV-onlyism, friend of Peter S. Ruckman and advocate of many conspiracy theories involving what he calls the “Illuminati,” stated that yesterday’s crash of many of the blog sites at Blogger.com was directly due to, what he called, “the biting evil satire of the Tominthebox News Network.”

“This was a curse from God.” Said Marrs. “He was shutting the mouths of the scoffers at that infernal website. For all you people who are upset by your blogs not working yesterday you need look no further than the Tominthebox News Network. They dared to raise their hand against the Lord’s anointed!”

The problems began early in the day when certain links within the site began rendering a strange error message with the code “bX-vjhbsj.” Marrs went on to further say that the code itself is evidence of “Satan’s work on the blogsite.”

“That strange code! Note that code, ‘bX-vjhbsj!’” Said Marrs. “You’ve got six lower-case letters. That’s one 6. You also have a large X, which is the Roman numeral 10 and a minus sign followed by a ‘v’ which is Roman numeral 5. The X is next to 1 lowercase letter so that’s 10-5+1 = 6. That’s another 6! Finally, ‘b’ is the 2nd letter of the alphabet and ‘x’ is the 24th, and 2+24=26. Take into consideration that there are two ‘j’s after the minus sign, and ‘j’ is the 10th letter of the alphabet, so 10+10 = 20. Therefore 26-20 = 6. There’s your third 6! And there you have it folks, 666. This is a clear indication that this website is being exposed as the work of the Satan!”

As compelling and obvious as Marrs’ arguments might be, Blogger.com’s website stated that the problems were associated with the implementation of their new beta software. Most of the “bugs” had been resolved by Thursday afternoon. In all, The Tominthebox News Network was down for approximately 45 minutes, making the time of "judgment" quite short.


Fred said...

This is old news. Tominthebox news network=that's six words. Tom In the Box news network. However, you'll notice that Tominthebox is one word followed by two words: news network which makes 3 words. There you have it: sixes, 3. This is backmasking so what you really have is 3 sixes or 666. I'm onto your devices!!! Don't try to hide!!! uh oh, I think my computer is about to crash.

Sam Hughey said...

So, according to Texe Marrs' reasoning, which he supposes has God's approval, when there was a temporary technical problem with eBlog, it was the result of the biting evil satire of the Tominthebox News Network and that is was a curse from God. Hmmm, what about all those KJV eBlogs which were praising the name of God and proclaiming the Gospel which were also affected by the curse of God? Was God also shutting the mouths of those whom He commanded to have their mouths open proclaiming His Word?

I'm curious why pointing out someone's error (you know, telling the truth as we are commanded in the KJV) is daring to raise their hand against the Lord’s anointed!

Do you think Texe Marres will actually post an apology for his false accusation or will he continue to be deceived by his own
hate for things of which he knows nothing and continue to deceive others into thinking he has the only KJV truth in all of creation?

ann_in_grace said...

He is a sad figure...
There was a short time last year when I fell for his arguments, and started to go into that direction. That was prior to my salvation.
Thanks to God's Grace I was spared the further wandering into this kind of "teachings". But I get chills down my spine every time I see this man mentioned.