14 February, 2007

Darwin Fish Bumps Head - Accidentally Declares Himself to be a "Wolf"


It was a week filled with trouble for Darwin Fish. The founder of "God's Word Fellowship" (www.atruechurch.org), seen by many as a "cult," surrounded himself with problems last week after a fall that left him unconscious for several minutes. Fish is notorious for his controversial view that his church alone is the only known church in the world today (or ever that he knows of) that teaches the truth. Furthermore Fish continually engages in "exposing" and protesting mainstream Christian leaders both past and present as what he calls "Wolves in sheep's clothing." Such targets of his accusations include John MacArthur, Charles Spurgeon and "The Early Church Fathers."

But last week is a week that Fish would like to forget. During a weekly protest Fish lost his balance while stepping off of a curb hitting his head on the pavement. After lying unconscious for about three minutes Fish sat up and went in to what some describe as a "manic tirade."

"It was very bizarre." Said Elizabeth Carrol, an eye-witness. "I've seen Fish
around a number of times with his signs and such. I always thought he was just a wacko. But this time he was jumping up and down and running in circles screaming out things about himself."

For approximately ten minutes Fish loudly
anathematized himself, declaring "Darwin Fish is really a wolf in sheep's clothing! Don't listen to him! You can't be saved by following his ministry!"

Many of Fish's followers tried desperately
to quiet him as he screamed accusations, flailed his arms and pointed at himself shouting, "Fish! Fish! He's the wolf!"

The strange display ended when one of
Fish's followers threw a cup of cold water in his face. When told what he had just done, Fish embarrassedly ran and hid himself in his "Fishmobile" while his followers once again began shouting chants against John MacArthur.

Neither Fish nor any member of his church was available for comment this week following the incident, but the answering machine at the church's toll-free number stated that "Darwin Fish is not a wolf, but one of the few chosen who hate every false way."


Anonymous said...

i just stumbled onto your website from the blog of a pastor whom i trust.

i have to confess that altho i'm loving all the rest of the posts. i dont quite get this one.

so with the fear of sounding dumb publicly, can u explain?

Tominthebox News Network said...

Hi Anon,

Well, this is a very proprietary post I'm afraid. You'd have to know who Darwin Fish is. He's a real guy who thinks that his church is the only true church out there in the world right now (at least that he knows about). You can visit his website at http://www.atruechurch.org.

His big thing is declaring other preachers to be "wolves in sheep's clothing." And, to be nice, he's kind of crazy. He protests people, screams things out about them, rides around in an old beat-up van, etc. I just struck me as funny that if one day, in a fit of reverse madness, he were to accidentally reveal his true self.

Sorry for the confusion. In hindsight this probably wasn't the best idea for a post being that it was only funny to a very select group of people. We all have our "off" days. But hey, now you know who this guy is now! So maybe some good has come from it.

In Christ,

Reformed Pastor said...

I visited the website. He pounds MacArthur and declares him a false teacher, for him saying that our self image must be determined by the Bible tells us about ourselves! Yeah, some defending the gospel stuff there.

It doesn't suprise me that this kind of guy uses a van like that.

AspiringTheologian said...

Tom -

I thought it was funny. But then I knew who DF was.

The Aspiring Theologian

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

No no, you're too apologetic. I should have just googled it but I just assumed that Darwin Fish was a fake person. I mean, come on, a guy who preaches calling himself "Darwin Fish"? That has got to be made up!

Thanks for your prompt response, even though I realize that it comes at the expense of the joke losing its humor upon explanation.

Press on Brother! This is all so very refreshing.

in Christ,

Fred Butler said...

Oh man, I could tell you the Darwin Fish stories.
Read more here at Phil's online article on him.


NoDeceit said...

Thanks for the free advertising.


Tominthebox News Network said...


Well, you're welcome! I'm delighted to give you publicity. In fact I, preached just yesterday on the necessity of knowing the deceitfulness of Satan, and understanding his ways. I figure the more people who visit your website the more who will know how foolish the ways are of Darwin Fish are and those who follow him.

Yes, I'll be glad to give you even more publicity and tell more people where to find your site. But I'm not sure I would take that as a compliment. I also tell people where the garbage can is too.


ajlin said...


You really need to try and facilitate a meeting between Darwin Fish and Fred Phelps- now that "conversation" would be tominthebox newsworthy!

Sewing said...

This is just mind-blowing. Like "anonymous" (if that is his or her real name--I have my suspicions), I thought for sure this story was made up out of whole cloth! Who knew there'd actually be a preacher named Darwin Fish!? At least he acknowledges the irony in the page where he introduces himself!

Jesus' boy said...

glad to see Darwin Fish saw sense for a few minutes and declared what he truly is "a wolf".

he is a heretic of the highest order.

Albie The Good said...

Notice guys like this have no interest in evangelizing anyone who doesn't ALREADY profess Christianity. Like Jehovah's Witnesses and other counterfeit fundamentalists they are here to solely to usurp believers. It's what their "Father" wants them to do.

They're actually easy to spot that way.