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Why Real Estate Rebates are Good for Consumers

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in 2016, now is the time to become acquainted with the rebates on real estate. Working with a real estate agent is essential in moving along the home buying and selling process more smoothly, and today you have the opportunity to pocket a few extra dollars working with the right agent. Here are some of the reasons why real estate rebates are good for consumers.

Charleston New Home RebatesSelling for Top Dollar
When the home selling market is competitive, you may have your hands tied as far as getting the highest possible selling price. In many cases, your real estate agent will tell you that to sell fast, you must utilize the fair market analysis of similar homes sold and listed to get sold. When a seller is interested in getting every dollar they can, the real estate rebate offered by the selling agent can allow them to sell competitively and still make some good money.

Incentive to Buy a New Home
One interesting trend in the real estate industry is the growing popularity of real estate rebates for consumers buying a home. The listing agents are taking a small percentage of their commissions and giving them to the buyers in the form of a rebate to entice them to close the deal. This rebate can go a long way in offsetting closing costs, moving expenses, and home repairs. Smart consumers who are aware of the real estate rebates are able to get the home of their dreams for less than they originally anticipated.

Cash in Hand Helps
Both buyers and sellers appreciate the fact these real estate rebates are cash in hand deals that help to offset some of the expenses with these type transactions. In some cases the extra cash allows a homeowner to sell at a lower price and still make money, being able to get out of the house in less time. For buyers, that extra case goes a long way in giving the seller the price they want and not losing the house to another buyer. Even a small percentage on a high-priced home can equate to a very nice chunk of change in the consumer’s pocket.

These are just some of the reasons why real estate rebates are good for consumers and help to keep the inventory moving along. When the buyers can feel like they are getting in at a good price and sellers feel they are making enough of a return on their investment, everybody wins.  Learn more at:

Trends in Real Estate for 2016

When it comes to real estate, one thing is absolutely certain, it is either a buyers or a sellers market. Depending which side of the fence you are on, you want to get the best deal possible, and waiting out the market may not be an option for you. Before you jump in and take your chances, consider these three trends that effect real estate in 2016 and how you can benefit from them. So when you get ready to find real estate like Homes for Sale in Charleston SC, please visit our friends at Premier One!

Charleston Real EstateThe Real Estate Rebate
With more competition to get your business in the real estate market, many brokers have decided to offer real estate rebates to help sweeten the deal for their clients. These rebates often come out of the commission the agent was to earn, so it can be quite appealing to the consumer who is afraid that their profits will be eaten up by the agents cut. If you have plans to sell a home and want to get every dollar possible, be sure to talk with your agent about getting a real estate rebate if the house is sold.

Room to Negotiate
With the housing market appearing to finally top out in 2016, sellers are in a very unique position this year as they shop around for real estate agents to sell their homes. While utilizing the real estate agent will help ensure the listing price is competitive for the region, with more agents working now than in recent years you can actually negotiate the commission and secure even more money come closing. Informed sellers understand that the market could turn any day, so getting the maximum dollar now will put them in a great position to build that nest egg and have plenty cash on hand to jump into the market when the prices bottom out.

Introducing the Fee-for-Service Broker
More buyers and sellers are really becoming informed about the real estate industry this year. With so much information at their fingertips online, most consumers have already heard about the fee-for-service brokers. Both the sellers and buyers want to save as much as possible in fees associated with buying or selling a home, and the fee-for-service broker means you only are paying for the services you needed to complete your transaction. This appears to be a win-win for both sides and fast becoming a trend that may carry over to the next year.

These top three trends that effect real estate in 2016 are a clear indication buyers and sellers are more money conscious than ever. A better informed public means builders and brokers must up their game in this competitive market.

Online Competition Spikes for Boat Listing Websites and Boats for Sale

Boats for SaleWhen you are interested in selling your boat online, you have to approach this much differently than if you were reaching out to a local audience. The majority of people that will be looking at your advertisement will not be close enough to simply drop by and give the boat a look, so your have to really make a lasting impression quickly and grab their attention. Here are a few tips on how to sell your boat online and get the price that you are after.  New websites like are springing up that offer advice and free listing services for finding boats for sale Charleston and all accross the US.  Here is some advice from their website:

The Importance of Quality Pictures
The images that you are going to use to sell your boat have to tell a very detailed story. It is not enough to take one picture of your boat, you have to approach this differently. Boat buyers are very particular about their water crafts, so you must take as many high-quality images as you can. This means photographing the boat from all angles, the motor, the cabin, the hull, even the instrument panel. If your boat has unique features, don’t just write about them, take plenty of photographs.

Detail Every Feature of the Boat
The things that make your boat stand apart from another boat are going to be your unique selling points. Highlight these specific features by writing them up in as much detail as possible, and always include a photograph to help drive the point home. If you recently updated the cabin or bought a new motor, be sure to detail the specifics in a way that draws in the buyers. It is one thing to tell a potential buyer that the boat has new twin motors, it is another to detail how much bigger the motors are than the stock motors and how much more power they can expect when on the open seas.

Make It Easy to Reach You
Don’t make the mistake of listing your boat for sale online and then only adding your home phone number that you have access to a few hours a day. If you want to sell your boat, you must give the buyers a chance to reach you quickly and easily. Include your mobile number, your e-mail address, or your social media address. When a buyer falls in love with your boat online, they want to reach out and ask questions and close the deal fast. Otherwise they may lose interest if they can’t talk to you and find another boat online.

The key to selling your boat online is really detailing every aspect of the boat and letting those buyers get you quickly. Follow these simple tips and your boat will be as good as sold.

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